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New portfolio website critique needed

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by lou28, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. lou28

    lou28 New Member


    I have just taken the leap to go freelancing full time after squeezing it into my spare time for too long.

    I've finally got my website up and running and would love to get some of your professional opinions on it: Orange Grove Designs - Web Design Services

  2. bfsoft

    bfsoft New Member

    Very well done. Great use of colour and I like the "orange grove" on the right side. I wonder if you could've gotten the hover effect on the menu without using images to get better optimisation. Love the design though.
  3. Designgirl1905

    Designgirl1905 New Member

    I like the orange tree...I think it is fresh but a little too busy for a portfolio site. Keep the graphics to a minimum. I guess portfolio sites should also be like gallery walls...or models for that matter :) bland or plain so that they don’t distract from the works on display.

    I love the design of the March motor home site. I love the different tones of the green. This graphic style could work well on your portfolio site. Your orange grove logo could look a lot less busy if it were single colour of more abstract rather than a direct representation of orange leaves.

    Hope it helps
  4. pixeldevils

    pixeldevils New Member

    I like the design, very clean and professional.

    I would agree with the above comment though, I think the primary navigation could look cleaner.

    You might also want to look at the spacing between certain elements (it feels a little bunched up) - esp. the orange headings and copy below each.

    Hope this helps - keep up the good work! ;)
  5. james.snv

    james.snv New Member

    I really like its design and its pretty catchy,nice and clean.Good to know that you are providing search engine optimization as well.
  6. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

  7. Alan Gillam

    Alan Gillam New Member

    You could try here Website SEO Tool | Website Grader for some objective fault finding. I like the look of the site but as you are probably aware the performance is important. The site scores 49/100 and there are some really simple things that could be rectified for example no ALT text on four of the images. I am impressed with th 87 inbound links and your website has an Alexa rank of 17,995,989 which is in the top 57.867 % of all websites which is good for a new website. Well done.
  8. lou28

    lou28 New Member

    Thanks for all your responses. And particular thanks to Alan for all those stats. I will definitely be looking at the site to help some more with my SEO efforts.

  9. Tylor Merlyn

    Tylor Merlyn New Member

    It's got quite a "game forum" feel to it.

    Also i think the large background image is a little bit odd and unrelated.

    Smaller details - I don't get the Star-o-meter. I don't see how clicking stars is related to a theme change. Have numbers or something: Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3. That little box should stay open all the time too I think.
  10. fdiola

    fdiola New Member

    I like it, the user interface is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate.

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