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New to Grapghic Design

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by XxAlanxX, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. XxAlanxX

    XxAlanxX New Member


    I love to do graphic design in general and very artistic, but however a need some advice.

    Im not very good putting websites on the internet therefore i have no online-portfolio.

    Where do i start really?

    I have some work to showcase, from what i have created to my university work and project.


    PS just realized i spell graphic wrong lol
  2. Chase

    Chase New Member

    Alan ...

    Welcome to Freelance UK :)

    I am glad you enjoy graphic work ... I never see it as "work" to me its play *grins*

    When I first started out I used a free website company called "freewebs" and I still do for some projects. They have pre-set themes and a lot of good add ons such as Photo gallery, guest book etc ... and if you find that you like the site once you have it all set up .. you can pay as little as $2/ £4 per month for an AD Free website which is very reasonable ... I kinda stay with the free site ... the ad banners are not over the top and most people ignore them anyway :)

    Good luck with your venture - please do let me have your web address once you have one .. would love to see some of your work ... :)

    Lucy x

  3. zidesigns

    zidesigns New Member


    Im starting a website service that will offer you a simple website with 4 pages and a content management system that will allow you to upload your work and edit the text on the site.

    if you are keen, drop me a email and i can show you the concept.

    please see my site to get an idea of what i can do. ZIDESIGNS ~ DESIGN LONDON i also offer pretty competitive hosting starting at only £15 a year with free .co.uk. ZIHOST ~ HOST YOURSELF

  4. XxAlanxX

    XxAlanxX New Member

  5. Chase

    Chase New Member

    Ok how spooky is this ... you chose the same theme!

    Looking good Alan!

    Lucy x
  6. Mass Appeal Designs

    Mass Appeal Designs New Member

    Everyones gotta start somewhere, Go get em Tiger

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