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Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by biglight, May 13, 2008.

  1. biglight

    biglight New Member

    So, I have been dancing around the forum passively for the past week or so - think it's time I made myself known.
    I am unsure if i sit appropriately within the label 'freelancer' - but i do design work for money out side of my normal work hours.
    I work in architecture so I am creative and determined [7 years study] and I am also an artist - digital and hand-painted.

    I love to design & create everyday.

    I will be at the Design Show in Liverpool exhibiting some of my graphics in collaboration with a product designer.
    I will also be exhibiting at Mooch Art gallery in Manchester in the very near future, and have works for sale in other locations.

    I am always on the look out for people to collaborate with on my ideas or theirs. Graphic designing can be quite insular [in my opinion when working alone] - collaboration can and has brought about some great solutions for me.

    Please get in touch.


  2. Ms Soprano

    Ms Soprano New Member

    Hi, welcome to the site :)

    What kind of collabs do you do? Do you have a link to samples of your work?

    I'm just being nosey :laugh2
  3. JBinder

    JBinder Guest


    Hi Gemma

    Could you tell me more...

  4. speakersfive

    speakersfive New Member

    I'm new too!

    Hello Gemma and everybody else!

    I'm also a newbie to the site. Joined today and have been having a good nose around. I'm also interested in seeing some of your work and am keen to be involved in collaborations, look forward to seeing your site when its up and running.


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