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New to the board and the world of freelance

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Drop12, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Drop12

    Drop12 New Member

    Hi all

    I'm hoping you will be able to give me some pointers for my new venture.

    I have recently just started as FL in the motoring press. At present, I will be working solely with one magazine.
    Seeing as this is my first foray into the world of journalism, it will be increasingly difficult to remain professional in front of my editor, if I'm asking embarrassing newbie questions!

    This will be a sideline for me. Naturally, I am concerned with the implications of tax etc when invoicing the magazine for my work.
    What would you say is the best form of action given my situation, seeing as I have a full time job?

  2. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    Hiya d-12,

    Firstly, well done on getting a gig with the motoring press!

    To be safer than safe from the taxman, pay for the services of a good accountant – SJD Accountancy I can highly recommend.

    That's the best course of action, and don't be too afraid that you're the only creative working full-time and freelancing:
    Freelancer's Questions – Freelancing on the side :: Freelance UK

    In terms of not appearing inexperienced, I wouldn't worry too much: most editors openly realise they were once a newbie too and had to start somewhere, as did today's front-page writers for The Sun/Times.

    Any questions you want to ask the people/mag you're working for - ask! It's potentially quite healthy to say ' that may be a little beyond my immediate experience/specialism because most of my work has focused on…[insert subject].' Then, not only are you being honest – by admitting you’re clueless - but you also reduce the risk of suddenly being 'thrown in at the deep end' with your next assignment.

    If you still can't shake the 'newbie complex,' then start your sentence something like: 'Do you have a house/editorial policy on...['insert subject'] - this should keep you covered :)

    Despite what you say, increasingly though it should be easier to remain professional the more time progresses. If you're a real giggler then treat the first day/meeting like you're going to be sacked at the end of it, i.e. this should motivate you not to laugh, and to keep working your socks off!

    But really just remember the Ed is human as well :)eek: ), and should like a laugh as much as you or I. Therefore getting to know them - their levels of what's acceptable, personally, at work and on paper, is what it's all about: just like any other job.

    Really HTH,

  3. Drop12

    Drop12 New Member

    Thanks Lupita

    Naturally it's the background stuff that I'm unfamiliar with, so this is what I need to pick up on.

    The Ed is a sound guy so there's no worries there. I just want to make sure I'm giving my full capability in order to get his and the publishers attention. My first gig is on Saturday so I'm really looking forward to that.

    I'll check the link out and get back if (read when) I need more help

  4. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    Good luck d-12!

    BTW What does 'background stuff' include?

    Be good to kick-off on a Sat, hopefully their editorial dept. will be a bit more relaxed than normal (given of course they don't 'go to press' in the afternoon!):D
  5. Drop12

    Drop12 New Member

    Just the machinations of the industry and the "unwritten rules" I suppose. I've not really spent much time around the industry (although I've always had a healthy interest in writing), so I'm aware there are certain do's and dont's.
    I'm used to knowing things, so not knowing is difficult lol!

    Thankfully the magazine is published monthly, so the deadlines should be much easier to manage. In all fairness, there's not too much of a restriction from what I can see.
    The structure of the mag has around 6 or 7 main article types, so providing you have a few examples of each you can tailor it as to which one needs your attention

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