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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by cymru78, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. cymru78

    cymru78 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Mark and I've just registered to this forum.

    I'm fairly new to what might be considered fully fledged freelancing.

    Briefly, I started it 'properly' just last year. I gained experience through Joomla being a volunteer website administrator for a successful football club in Wales and, after being in and out of work for two years, it suddenly hit me that I could get paid for doing data entry on websites as well as other things such as customer service and looking into being a VA.

    Anyway, this post was supposed to be a quick hello and hopefully I can get to know you all and make some good contacts to help me grow.
  2. michelledancer

    michelledancer New Member

    Seems a bit quiet in here, I'll say hello even though we already spoke anyway.

    Hello! :grin
  3. cymru78

    cymru78 New Member

    Thank you very much, Michelle.

    It is rather quiet on here isn't it
  4. michelledancer

    michelledancer New Member

    I know what'll sort it.

    Anyone who drops by to say hi to the nice newbie gets a free beer!
  5. philipsteele

    philipsteele New Member

    hi every one i am also a newbie just see this site and attracted, So i decided to participate the discussion field.
  6. doodlebee

    doodlebee New Member

    Hiya. I've not been here for long either but I've noticed it is rather quiet. I guess all the other freelancers are busier than me. :eek:hwell :)
  7. michelledancer

    michelledancer New Member

    Right so that's two beers I owe, you can claim those just as soon as you come to Newcastle *smallprint cackle*
  8. doodlebee

    doodlebee New Member

    You can have my beer. Now if it was chocolate on offer I'd be there like a shot. :glasses
  9. cymru78

    cymru78 New Member

    Can I get a beer for starting the thread.

    I've actually just remembered I've got a room booked at travelodge in Newcastle later this year!
  10. michelledancer

    michelledancer New Member

    Ok fine, one beer for you :p

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