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Occasional freelance on the side

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by marcus, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. marcus

    marcus New Member

    I have a full-time job but occasionally have opportunities for freelance jobs on the side, once or twice a year, never exceeding £10K in total.
    I am unsure about my duties: do I need to register as a freelancer or can I declare this as 'other income'? can I ignore VAT if I'm not VAT registered? Can I do all of this retrospectively after I've done the job?
    Many thanks!
  2. mastermind

    mastermind New Member

    I think you'll be alright going without the VAT since you're not registered, but I don't know what the limit is for registration as a freelance worker (whether it's 10k or more). Will be best if you do it while you're working, rather than after - well, this is at least how I like to do things.
  3. If you are working in the UK, HM Revenue and Customs expects you to register as a self-employed person, if you are going to be paid for a job, or are working with the intention of being paid.

    You have 3 months in which to register for your NI / Tax, of starting work. It does not go off the amount you make in a year.
  4. TimCaprica

    TimCaprica New Member


    I'm an accountant ...

    1) You do need to tell HMRC you are self employed, which you can do here:
    HM Revenue & Customs: First steps to register as self-employed

    This is because you need to pay tax on that £10k. The onus is very much on you to tell them, not for them to work it out for themselves. I think you have realised but for the avoidance of doubt you will also have to complete a tax return (or get an accountant to) by 31 Jan 2012.

    2) With VAT you are totally fine. The threshold is turnover of £73,000 and you wouldn't count your pay as an employee in this.

  5. Lupita

    Lupita Member

  6. rickypounting

    rickypounting New Member

    Well i am looking for some free lancing work as well, can you hire me as am in urgent need of money.... One other question i would like to go for and ask is exactly what kind of freelancer work do you offer, and how you go about in making the payments.

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