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Office Space available Henley on Thames

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Matt G MMS, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Matt G MMS

    Matt G MMS New Member


    We are a production led marketing agency who have an increasing requirement for design and creative work.
    Currently, we produce a lot of print work across multiple disciplines, as well as photography and basic design work.

    We have offices in central Henley-on-Thames with two spare desks spaces.
    There are desks and office chairs in situ.

    We would like and arrangement where we offer two desk spaces in central Henley - free of charge - in return for an agreed amount of artwork time a month. For example 15 hours a month...

    There is also a boardroom available as required for meetings / to host clients.

    This would be a fairly loose agreement where some months we would be under, and some months over that could be reconciled at the end of the quarter.

    It would suit a small team/company who would like to work together rather than remotely.

    If interested, or know someone who would be then please contact me to discuss.


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