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Once upon a time...

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Opus, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Opus

    Opus Member

    ... this was a lively forum.

    It died around the time that Freelance Alliance was launched. It's a shame it didn't keep going.
  2. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

  3. Madloyd9

    Madloyd9 New Member

    Thank you for sharing! :banana
  4. SuperDuper

    SuperDuper New Member

    It still does the trick for me though, lots of very useful information here for a newbie :)
  5. elsalvador

    elsalvador New Member


    I Agree, still lots of useful content and advice for those who need it!
  6. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    I concur, it's good - can't understand what Opus is on about. There's not enough creative/freelance websites where the unanswered queries of readers are automatically picked up by the news team and responded to by experts on the front-page! And that's only when readers - the grassroots - can't help out or solve the query themselves!

    Also like how there is a steady stream of news pieces about tax - other sector sites just post press releases and seem to assume we're too simple to read/learn about taxation and the like!
  7. Opus

    Opus Member

    I'm a little amused by the fact this keeps getting replies. I think I just posted it one day when I was on one.

    There is a lot of good stuff still on here. But the fact that this thread is still visible nearly six months after I posted it, yet having only had a handful of replies, illustrates the point that the forum is pretty much dead. When I first started posting on here it was very active with loads of discussions going on every day. A thread with this many replies would have disappeared down the list within a few days. It's a shame as it used to be so much better.
  8. elsalvador

    elsalvador New Member

    hmmmm I suppose..

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