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Pantones are different

Discussion in 'Illustrator Forum' started by Sharpen, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Sharpen

    Sharpen Guest

    Hi everyone, I have an issue which has gone unresolved for some time so would really appreciate a fresh set of eyes.
    I have a pantone reference which is part of our company logo Pantone Warm Red CVU. Its kind of orange.
    The issue I have is that I have 2 files with this pantone displayed however they show as 2 different shades. So with the eyedropper tool they both report Pantone Warm Red CVU. Converting to RGB one gives 241,93,47 and the other 239,62,35 - so a noticeable difference, well to me anyway.
    I have checked every setting and both files seem identical; is there somwhere where I can place these 2 files for one of you kind souls to give your opinion of why this is happening?
    Appreciate any help.
  2. Peter George

    Peter George New Member

    What software are you using? I know when converting an RGB file in Photoshop can be affected by the colour profiles set up in the colour settings.

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