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Partner Needed for Digital Marketing Agency

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by MilesLloyd, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. MilesLloyd

    MilesLloyd New Member

    At BRKV we are looking for a partner who wants big opportunities. At only six months old, and with a seven-digit profit operation backing us up, we already have several exciting and ambitious projects that we are getting of the ground.

    We understand business and we understand making money; we have a structure in three countries with graphic designers, marketers, accountants, lawyers, offices, financiers and developers getting things done at record cost. We know how to operate fast and cheap and we are looking to build a digital marketing operation that could guarantee a dedicated in-house team ready to take on the digital marketing part of our different projects.

    Digital marketing is not our expertise but we are committed to make it one. We are looking for one or two digital marketing gurus to take on the digital marketing part of our contracts and launch a digital marketing agency (BRKV Media) that together with brkvtech.com start getting contracts from new clients and start getting this digital agency big and profitable

    The deal is simple. We go 50/50. We put down the structure and investment when necessary. You put down your know-how, devotion and determination. We get the project forward and you end up as an owner of a successful digital marketing agency with offices in London, Miami and Macedonia.

    This is the perfect opportunity for someone who doesn't see any future in being an employee and actually wants to make it by themselves. This is not a proposal for quitters but is for someone that is ready to do all that is necessary to succeed in this business; for those that don’t want to stay in a job that is taking them nowhere but do something that will take them everywhere.

    If you are that person and you truly can beat the competition, get in touch.
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  2. Olukunle Moses

    Olukunle Moses New Member

    I am Olukunle Moses, the co-founder and outreach manager at www.guestbloggingking.com. Your post caught my attention and as a digital marketing expert, I am sure I have all the required skills and stratagem to become your long awaited partner.

    I am a cool-headed blogger, psychologist, and researcher; familiar mostly in the Technology, Gaming, Health and Cloud niche etc.

    I also work as a digital marketer, able to effectively boost optimization in order to increase client business’ awareness by driving more traffic to their website amounting to skyrocketed revenue.

    I have worked with many clients from the US, UK, Greece, Israel, Nigeria etc.

    I am articulate, intelligent, have ability to work under pressure and endowed with the capability to work with team as well as leading them.

    My blogging experience clocked four years and I have been making a living on it over the years. And when it comes to business strategy, collating viable information for the progress and success of my client's projects is my passion.

    My strategy, approach and strength include;

    - Online Advertising: PPC, PPL and PPA

    - Social media marketing: SMO etc.

    - Search Engine Optimization: High ranking link building for Google SERP positioning and analytics for ROI report.

    I'd be glad to get a chance to prove my abilities.

    Email: olumoche@gmail.com | Skype: olumoche

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