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pay per post on forums - hiring 5 persons

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by mariosaletti, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. mariosaletti

    mariosaletti New Member

    A home based data entry position is a great opportunity for stay at home moms or anyone who wants to work in the comfort of your own home.

    We are seeking only honest, self-motivated people from around the world with a desire to work in the home typing and data entry field.

    Ready to pay via paypal on a daily basis.
  2. mach2-3D

    mach2-3D New Member

    I'm interested in your post and I have free time. Please can you tell me more about it.
  3. MrL22

    MrL22 New Member

    my girlfriend may be interested, please contact me
  4. daftbugga

    daftbugga New Member

    so might mine, can we have some more details?

  5. mortimer1979

    mortimer1979 New Member

    Data Entry

    I am interested, can you please send me more details.

  6. Ruthio

    Ruthio New Member

    I also have a friend who would be interested - please could you send over some details
  7. hanzelbear

    hanzelbear New Member

    Hey I'm interested too. My mom and sister could definitely make a use of this job. Pls send more details. Email me at justhanz@gmail.com. Thanks!
  8. John Priest

    John Priest New Member

    Data Entry

    Yes please!

    If you can send further details I would be obliged.


  9. kelisagirl

    kelisagirl New Member

    Is this job still up for offer? Sounds good. If you could send me the details, I'd be grateful. Thank you.
  10. Dani22

    Dani22 New Member

    I'd be interested in this kind of work if the post is still available. Please send me further details.
  11. daulex

    daulex New Member

    I would love to do that as well. if this is still on, please contact me either via pm or email: private@kirillgalenko.co.uk :banana
  12. namrata_kedia

    namrata_kedia New Member

    Interested in your advert


    If your requirement for data entry still exists ,Kindly consider myself to be interested in the job profile.

    Many Thanks,
  13. alex b

    alex b New Member


    Do you still need anyone else for this role? If so, please get in touch,

  14. nash_0006

    nash_0006 New Member


    is this job still avaliable.. pls contact. me

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