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Per-page rates for magazine

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Mully79, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Mully79

    Mully79 New Member

    Hi I'm a (terrified) newbie here! :eek2

    Completely out of the blue, I've been recommended by my old boss (to her current employer) to produce a 60 page monthly glossy, like the Sunday Times mag in style. I've quoted a freelance rate as £20 per hour (I'm based near Manchester).

    I have 10 years design experience, but have worked mainly on adverts, flyers, brochures. However I have much experience of taking brochures / ad booklets from conception to print.

    This is a dream opportunity for me. I am currently on a 34 hour week at £10 per hour, not great but pays the bills. This includes flexitime / some working from home, so as I have an active toddler to look after it suits me for the moment.

    I would like to do the magazine on a freelance basis or second job, so of course I would have to notify the tax office etc.

    The problem is my naivety in this subject - the boss has asked for a rate-per-page, not per hour. I have no idea what to charge! How do I calculate that??

    And what do I do about stock photography (I imagine there would be a LOT of this used). Do I bill them separately for this or include it in my rate? I don't know a lot about stock photography and the costs/legalities but I always thought it was cripplingly expensive?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated!

  2. paul_donnelly

    paul_donnelly New Member

    Hi, Ive just recently graduated, but our lecturers gave us a lot of advice on pricing for freelance.

    For the per page rate, I would work out how long it would take you to do the job, work out the amount with your hourly rate, then divide it by 60 for the number of pages. Also with 10 years experience, I htink you could demand a higher hourly rate.

    With the stock photography, it depends on the print run i.e it'll cost more for a 50,000 run that a 5000. We were always told to mark up the prices by 15% for ourselves, don't know if that just being greedy though!
  3. Opus

    Opus Member

    sent you a message
  4. Mully79

    Mully79 New Member

    Thanks very much for your replies, they're much appreciated, at least I can get back to the chap with some prices and terms.

    Although I have 10 years experience, it's not in this particular field and it would be a huge leap for me to effectively double my hourly rate, I certainly think it's appropriate for the work involved. I've only worked for two companies, the current one not entirely 'professional' shall we say, so this job opportunity is not only about bringing in a bit more cash, but would be a huge asset to my CV and experience. I was until recently thinking about changing careers completely, as I was going nowhere fast, but this has enlightened me somewhat :happy

    I'm a bit behind the times with stock photography, the last time I used that sort of thing was 4 / 5 years ago, Corbis mainly and VERY expensive! Puts my mind at ease knowing it doesn't have to cost the earth!

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