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Photographers' business cards

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by dwprint, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

  2. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

    This is my current card...

    Letterpress foil printed with white foil
    + debossed with clear foil
    on extra thick (540gsm) black Colorplan card.

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  3. jasontrott

    jasontrott New Member

    The card card is awesome, but I want to have double sided, UV coated card. How much it will cost, and can please show me a sample of such type of cards.....

    Last edited: Jul 26, 2011
  4. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

  5. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

    Simple but special...

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  6. John Hendry

    John Hendry New Member

  7. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

    This is an extra thick 540gsm duplex (black/white) card with letterpress silver foil on black and black foil on white - always looks classy.

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  8. mastermind

    mastermind New Member

    One of the coolest cards I had ever seen was a very simplistic one, just dark black glossy card with the name of the restaurant and a website or telephone on the back. Really worked for them, cause they were this high-class stylish minimalistic restaurant and that card went perfectly for that.

    I am a fan of simplicity, I think. The cards you guys have on here are quite nice for this reason.
  9. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

    Simplicity is good.

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    • js.jpg
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      69.3 KB
  10. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

    Another nice minimalist design.

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    • bc3.jpg
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      47.1 KB
  11. stevednp3

    stevednp3 New Member

    Keep the card design as simple as possible, with a nice plain background, direct them to your website for more information ;)
  12. mesherphotos

    mesherphotos Guest

    The thicker card is always a better option for business cards, I am currently a printer and print a lot of cards on 350gsm (the thickest we can do) and my own cards are of this standard but they tend to bend easily.

    Just my advice :eyes
  13. maisonyeah

    maisonyeah New Member

    Interesting! Thanks for the share. Yeah I would have to say keeping it simple with a good typeface will always look more professional.
  14. Printingblue

    Printingblue New Member

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. This is what I was looking for earlier here.
  15. RatRocks

    RatRocks New Member

    The card design is very awesome. Love it.
  16. likeshigh

    likeshigh Member

    Thanks for giving this valuable information.

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