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Portfolio Site Names

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Lincon, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Lincon

    Lincon New Member

    Hello everyone,,
    Im currently re-devloping my web portfolio and im wanting to break away from the norm and not just have my name as the site name and url - Ive noticed a number of people have a name and then say this is the portfolio of...

    Is it a simple as me how far picking a name for my portfolio and checking its not taken and hitting the road or do i need to consider anything else?

    Also I want to use the site to promote myself to gain some part time work for design - something which Im finding hard to achieve so any advise would be great...

    many thanks
  2. nshep

    nshep New Member

    I am all for using your own name as your URL. Since I am my personal brand, this has worked well for me as both my portfolio and marketing tool to gain clients. I think using some other name is just a good idea if you have a company.

    But aside from that, you are free to pick whatever domain you want and slap your portfolio on there. However, I would probably first think about the structure of the site you need and build it locally. That way, you don't pay for domain and hosting until it's necessary.

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