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Pricing help and royalties

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Katlan, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Katlan

    Katlan New Member

    HI Everyone,

    I'm a self employed digital artist freelancer still in the beginning of my career. Things have picked up a lot more lately due to some much needed exposure but i now find myself caught in a dilemma on how to set a fair price for the work I do when clients asking.

    I have a pretty clear picture of what i charge for my artworks for private clients and companies but my now i have been contacted by a company who wants to print some of my existing artworks on t-shirts and they want to know how much i want to charge. Their company is a new small business that is just starting up placed in the US, so I have a feeling of that they won't be able to pay any huge amounts since they already have indicated that they can not afford to hire me for commissions yet, only use existing artworks.

    I'm at a complete loss and I'm not sure at all what to charge for this and i hope someone with more experience could help me.

    First: Do i charge an up-front amount per artwork and thats it, or should i also get royalties from the clothes they sell?

    Second: Now if it comes down to one off charge, how much is a fair price to ask for per artwork, I mean I have to charge quite a bit more than i would for a normal print since they will make money of this print. But how much more, how do i even estimate that?

    Third: If they will give me royalties can i still have an initial price per artwork or is it then expected that the royalties pays for the artwork and I should not charge any initial cost? And how much royalty is fair??

    Any advice in how to begin going about this potential deal is much appreciated, thank you in advance!

    Kind regards

  2. John Berry

    John Berry New Member

    Do you want to be a policeman? I refuse to work on royalties because I trust no one.
    Charge a better-than-reasonable flat fee for each design depending on whether you want more business from them, or not.
    You can renegotiate on future designs.
    Make everything clear in writing upfront in your T&C's. Good luck. :bye

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