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Pricing Projects

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by MIkeeC, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. MIkeeC

    MIkeeC New Member

    Hi, all new to the forum although I've been freelancing for a couple of years.

    I joined because a good client has asked me to curate, add to and present their material into a course. They've got great content from text to video and a clear journey for their customers to take, so easy enough to structure.

    But how do I price a project like this? I am keen to do it on value-based pricing.

    Any advice?
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  2. Marry Smith

    Marry Smith New Member

    Hello, I am a free lancer and just developed an E-commerce website for my client and uploaded products on that site, Now I am confused how to setup price of the products so that visitor on my website buy the product. Any guide will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. Laura@FreelanceUK

    Laura@FreelanceUK Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Mary,

    Have a read of this article on how to set prices.
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  4. Marry Smith

    Marry Smith New Member

    Thanks a lot, you are helping me in almost every sector. You are becoming my good friend excited to meet you in future.
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  5. neginntark

    neginntark New Member

    good luck

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