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PrintCarrier - Should i laugh or cry!

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by SSKMEDIAZONE, Dec 8, 2008.

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    Searching through the internet i was looking for a good alternatives to our previous Black & White Printing of a monthly A5 Brochure, i rang printcarrier and spoke for a good 1/2 hour to a "Helpful" lady. I then contemplated my order for a few months before deciding to give them a try.

    Day 1 - Placing Order

    I Had to re-submit my file 4 times before they accepted it, on the 4th call i made they tried to sell me there graphic designer.

    Day 2 - Order Prints
    Everything seemed to be going ok

    Day 3 - Phone Call To Check Everything
    Was told everything is fine and the printers don't have much work on as they are checking for new work every 30mins, so your order will be ready overnight

    Day 4 - Phone Call to confirm dispatch
    Was told rather annoying - Your Order will not be with you until 5-7 WORKING Days after we print it!

    Day 5 - Another Phone Call to see if my item has shipped
    Was told my order hadnt even been printed yet dispite previous conversation with a member of there staff, so i went Mad, and got told by a lady if you want a refund "im going to charge you £13" and will take 30 days to action.

    Day 6 - Another Call
    Was told item left Germany and i could track in the UK

    Day 7 - Delivery Made
    2 Boxes small boxed that held 490 of my brochures - I Ordered 1000.

    Day 8
    Rang Customer Service A.M. Spoke to a lady who told me we have shipped 4 boxes to you, one has been delivered the other is out of delivery, she then quoted me a tracking number that according to her was out for delivery "This tracking number was for one of the boxes i got delivered" - So i explained this and asked for all 4 tracking numbers (1 for each shipped parcel). She Then Said "I dont have this sorry, ill put in a request from Germany and contact you later in the day".

    5PM Still no call - So i rang back and got an older lady, who started off apologetic, and said she had been sick that morning so it wasnt her i spoke to, then she repeated exactly the same as the other lady saying 4 boxes and shipped, i then explained the same thing again and got told i was a liar as i couldnt have had a parcel that was showing on there tracking as undelivered. - This really p***** me off so i told her to ring germany and sort this out or i will take it futher, she then said to me, its not her fault if Germany are shut. THAT AGAIN P***** me off as i pay Print Carrier for a Job they then fobb off to another company who i dont pay.

    So Basically ive now payed for 1000 brochures, got 490 and i am very doubtful im going to every see the other 510, anyone know where i stand, This is the first time i have ever experienced such an awful level of service from a company who brand all over there website 100% Customer satisfaction. I will not let this mater simply be forgotten. But was hoping for some guideance - I am reluctant to leave this with there support team as they have failed on every occassion to contact me as the promise. So should i go to trading standards?

    Any help and recommendations for reliable printers is highly aprechiated
  2. Melinda.Jones

    Melinda.Jones New Member

    I doubt trading standards will be able to help you, although they have a UK number they are based in Germany.

    I highly recommend Stationery Direct, they offer fantastic prices, good customer service and quality products. They offer FREE UK wide delivery and are UK based.

    They also offer a Print Reseller Scheme which offers trade prices to designers, definitely worth a look.

    Shame you didn't find this forum sooner...

    > http://forums.freelanceuk.com/graphic-design-forum/2790-print-carrier.html

    > http://forums.freelanceuk.com/graphic-design-forum/1626-printcarrier-not-answering-my-calls.html

    Hope you get it sorted in the end.

    Last edited: Dec 11, 2008
  3. wadham

    wadham New Member

    Princarrier - just shocking.

    I like to be positive generally, but I'm hoping that this post may end up that way by enlightening potential customers to this company's behaviour.

    Having suffered massive (2+week) delays on a number of orders I was offered 1000 business cards to compensate each incident. I sent this email:

    "Hi Louise,

    Thanks for your comments - please could you confirm that I can now have 2x1000 business cards printed (doubled sided 8.5x5.5) These will form two separate orders (not 2000 of one design)"

    They replied:

    "Hi David,
    Yes that was fine.
    Kind Regards

    Seems pretty clear to me.

    Not to Print Carrier - upon placing my order last week:

    Dear Mr Waddington,

    Thank you for your e-mail. We can see a 1,000 business cards order was offered free of charge to you by Louise after a late delivery for brochures.
    We can see Order xxxxxxx was the order that was not charged to you, due to the delay.
    Therefore unfortunately we cannot offer this order free of charge, as on our systems we can only see 1,000 business cards free of charge was offered.
    If this order is required, then I’m afraid payment will need to be made for this.

    Kind Regards
    Nicola Price

    Note it's the same person who approved the 2000.

    Anyway, after all this and around 20 phone calls being given the run around each time - 'she's in a meeting for as long as it lasts', 'she's at the post office', 'she's on lunch' etc etc, even being told to 'spare a thought for us as they we be going bankrupt as we hadn't been paid this month', I thought I'd heard it all.

    But then I speak to Kim - blimey.

    I explained the previous gross delays to her, and her response? " Maybe you should offer your customers a discount then to account for the delay". :mad2

    I admit I found it hard to respond to that. She did apologise for the remark after my profound silence.

    Then she said 'Do you trust me to sort this out? I promise I'll get to the bottom of this for you today.' And that was the last I ever heard - today she has been 'out of the office' and 'on holiday' and 'not available'.

    Aside from these business cards, I've only received 25% of another order, which is again, late, and the quality is shocking - print bleeding off one sheet onto another due to lack of drying time.

    So, that's my experience of Print Carrier, and their company motto:

    "Slick logistics, properly thought-out organization, professionalism and permanent striving for customer satisfaction are our core skills according to our motto: ALL WE DO IS PRINT! ":laugh2:laugh2

    You do indeed get what you pay for, well, maybe 25% of it.
  4. Kim Mac

    Kim Mac New Member

    Printcarrier-Should I laugh or cry!(Kim-Blimey)

    My name is Kim, not Kim-Blimey
    I work for printcarrier, and I can, as a Christian Woman, swear on the Holy Bible that I have never said any of these things that are being blamed upon me.
    Do you really believe that we would call our customers liars? I think some people have over active imaginations, as well as poor grammar.
    In our UK call centre, we try our very best to help our customers, we want our customers to be happy, it makes our jobs easier. Indeed, what purpose does it serve for us to lose customers by bad customer service?
    We deal with hundreds of happy customers who receive their orders, every day.
    Unfortunately, good news does not sell newspapers, especially for those with a gutter press mentality. Sensationalism does sell, as proven by these forums.
    Alas, you can't please all of the people all of the time.

    The people who have posted comments on this forum,about Kim, would you be happy to learn that, because my name has been mentioned, and the customer is always right, that I had lost my job;- bringing up my children singlehandedly, I lose my basic wage to bring them up on?
    In the present economic climate, jobs are hard to come by. I am proud of my achievements, working hard for my family and working in the UK call centre. I do not want to be a burden upon society by having to claim benefits, thus putting more strain on our countrys' resources and on the tax payer. The shame of it and the stigma of benefits. I prefer to be a working role model for my children, Thank You.

    We deal with thousands upon thousands of happy and satisfied customers.
    We are ladies working in a call centre, we are not qualified graphic designers, in order to help customers, we have tried to help them sort out their artwork problems by refering them to a freelance graphic designer, who does not work for the company, but are freelance.

    I have agreed to your rules of not saying anything bad about anyone.
    Would you be so very kind as to withdraw these articles Please that are saying nasty things about me? as it is breaking your rules, now that I too am a member of this Excellent Forum.
    Kind regards-Kim
  5. wadham

    wadham New Member

    Well this kind of proves my point doesn't it Kim?

    My post above contains absolutely no false comments - simply the facts, and I don't nee to 'swear on the Holy Bible' in an effort to give my words more gravity/truthfulness. I recounted the conversation we had accurately.

    I'd be happy to also post the total amount of money I spent chasing Print Carrier, and talking to you and Louise over this issue. I was specifically called a liar by Louise who then refused to talk to me any further!

    As for your comment that you were not qualified to discuss artwork related enquiries, or that you were 'just ladies in a call centre' - I'd gathered that anyway due to the complete inability to return calls or emails that was demonstrated, together with the amazing ability to deny a promise made when shown said promise in writing!!

    So er, the customer is always right with Print Carrier? I guess these forums show that isn't the case?

    If you run the risk of losing your job if mentioned in these forums then hopefully Louise will be around because Louise clearly called me a liar, and Louise clearly made a promise she refused to keep and Louise chose not to continue any form of dialogue with us.

    I lost two important clients thanks to PrintCarrier's monumental cock ups and unwillingness to engage with us and do the right thing, and not to mention the environmental waste that was caused at the same time.

    My current print supplier is simply worlds away from PrintCarrier, and I'm delighted to report that dealing with with people who are knowledgable, friendly, respectful of the environment and willing to take responsibility for their output is refreshing.

    In my experience, Print Carrier truly is an amateur outfit producing low quality work that puts genuine printers to shame.
  6. wadham

    wadham New Member

    I also forgot to mention that Kim - when I'm paying for the phone call I don't want to know about your religious leanings, or that you're sick on a particular day, or your feelings towards the benefits system, or what your children are up to - we just want our orders, on time, and our issues resolving. Half of the time I was on the phone to you you kept worrying about whether you were going to get paid that month, or dropping clangers such as suggesting I offered my clients a discount for PC's delays and misprints.

    Your 'amiable chatty lady' approach does not work when we are up against a deadline and the printer is letting us down for the third time...

    Indeed, what purpose does it serve for us to lose customers by bad customer service?

    Quite a good purpose actually - your bad customer service introduced me to a much better printer, so with hindsight you did a great job.
  7. Kim Mac

    Kim Mac New Member


    Dear Wadham,
    Obviously I am unable to comment upon other members of staff, no doubt, you are fair-minded enough to realise and agree that I cannot.

    However, for my own part, I am an amiable chatty lady.
    I am sorry to learn that you lost two clients over your order being late.

    I only replied to your thread as my name was mentioned personally.

    You are so right. You didn't want to hear anything other than when your orders would be with you.

    All I can do for my own part, Sir, is apologise to you for not giving you the service you desired.

    Kind regards-Kim Mac
  8. DigitalFaze

    DigitalFaze New Member

    Maybe Kim has lost her job but sskmediazone has lost a customer and any future business from the client, he has also lost a major piece of trust that this client gave him let alone a possible bad reputation he will receive.

    Seems like Printcarrier call staff have a certain lack of communication between each other, we all have bills to pay and commitments that rely on what we do to make money.
    Last edited: May 18, 2009
  9. DotDesign

    DotDesign New Member

    I've really never heard a good word about Print Carrier, sorry to hear you have lost clients over this, not good.
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