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Public Liability and Indenity

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by Brian James McManus, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Brian James McManus

    Brian James McManus New Member

    As a keen amateur who is also studying part-time , I have been lucky enough to gain pitch side access to Scottish Premier League Football , National Hunt Horse Racing and live music gigs. I now worry about insurance. I know that it would be my next move but I am still only a student and would be working freelance. In need of advice and guidance.

    regards, Brian
  2. Simply Business

    Simply Business New Member

    Hi @Brian James McManus,

    This is a horribly late reply, but if it ends up helping in any way then great!

    Firstly, congrats on a great gig! In terms of insurance, a lot of the time, the relevant venue will ask you to insure yourself for a certain level of cover - .e.g. 2million PL, 5million PL, or 10 etc.

    Public liability insurance covers you for damage to third party property and injuries to members of the public.

    Professional indemnity is something you are less likely to require given the jobs you're doing, but it might still be something to consider. It covers if you give any negligent design, advice, certification etc - i.e. if a customer loses money because of as mistake in your work.

    Hope that helps, and it would be great to hear how you're getting on a few months down the line!

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