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Questions from a newbie

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by gcfarri, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. gcfarri

    gcfarri New Member

    I am a beginner designing T-shirts and I would like to find out some of the better free T-shirt design software out there.

    So far I come across the following free programs – Inkscape – Gimp – Vectr – Canva - Gravit – Paint.net - Paint 3d but the problem I have found is that most of them seem to be far too difficult for a beginner. What I would like is a program with a reasonable learning curve but at the same time have fairly good features. I obviously can’t expect the best , but I would like something that I can learn with but is fairly easy to grasp in the beginning.

    I have also seen on YouTube videos as well as other places on the Internet that a Vector program is probably the better one to go with as the images stay the same when they are blown up. I don’t know how much this matters when designing t-shirts , I am hoping that you can tell me if this is necessary.

    Here are a list of the main things that I can think of that I want to do in a program.

    How to edit text

    3D text

    import photos

    Wrap text around an object

    change the background color

    as well as any other tasks that you can suggest.

    I have been accepted into Amazons Merch program and I would like a free program that will be compatible with them , but at the same time be as easy to use as possible. One of the stumbling blocks that I have come across so far is on the Merch website they only have three templates and only one of them is free – Gimp. I don’t know how necessary a template is but I would assume that it would be somewhat easier with it , but I could be wrong.

    Thanks Craig

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