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quoting for a magazine design

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by sharon larder, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. sharon larder

    sharon larder New Member

    I always find it difficult quoting on jobs.
    I am an experienced magazine designer.
    I have been asked to provide a quote to design two monthly magazines. One 60 pages and one 44 pages.
    All imagery supplied. Approx 55% editorial. All adverts supplied print ready.
    Final magazine to be output as print and an online version.
    What would be a fair price for both parties!
    Thank you
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  2. Andrew Clarke

    Andrew Clarke New Member

    It depends on your hourly rate, I personally for jobs like this charge an hour a spread, plus if designing a cover 8hours plus 4 hours artwork time. I charge £30 an hour so for the 60 Page magazine £1260 and the other £1020.

    Hope that helps you
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  3. sharon larder

    sharon larder New Member

    Many thanks Andrew.
  4. LiberatedLancer

    LiberatedLancer New Member

    Have you discussed the terms of your contract yet? Some people prefer to pay an hourly wage, while others will want a "stipend" amount to be paid upfront. Knowing this can really help us get an idea of what the employer is expecting/willing to pay.

    Otherwise, Andrew has given an excellent breakdown of an appropriate pay scale.
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