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Registering for GDPR?

Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal' started by Alisonp, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Alisonp

    Alisonp Member

    Hello, again. It doesn't look as though there's been a lot of traffic here since I last visited, but I thought I'd ask anyway: as freelances, how likely are we to have to register under GDPR? There are so many examples of qualifying organisations out there, but they're all far larger than l'il ol' sole trader me, and don't seem to bear any relevance to my situation! I basically keep my "personal data" - such as it is - in a single Excel file: it's data on past and present clients, added chronologically, and contains (at most) client/company name (they are all "companies", even if only sole traders like myself), address, contact name, phone no., email address, details on payment terms and any specific client requirements.

    I can't believe GDPR is really aimed at such situations, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I don't have to register, does it?

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