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Relocating advice - freelance vs full time

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by jf design, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. jf design

    jf design New Member

    Hi. I'm looking for some 'lifestyle' advice rather than business advice please.

    I've been a freelance graphic designer for 8 years and really enjoy it - the earning potential, as much time off as I like, the variety etc. Currently it's about 70/30 split between freelancing at agencies and working for clients from home.

    I'm considering relocating to another part of the country. It's really important to settle in and form a new social circle – so, is it better to work full time or remain freelance?

    If anyone has relocated as a freelancer, how have you found it socially? It can be difficult to form proper friendships at work since you're working at different places all the time. That said, you do meet a lot more people when freelance...

    Would love to hear anyone's experience of this.
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  2. Laura@FreelanceUK

    Laura@FreelanceUK Administrator Staff Member

    Hello JF,

    I don't have any experience but if you have been freelancing for a long time it may be worth sticking to it and see how it goes. If you feel like you haven't made any solid friendships after freelancing after some time then maybe consider employment.

    Good luck with your move! :)
  3. john matthew

    john matthew New Member

    I am late to comment but I just want to say 8 Years of experience in freelancing is great. I think being a Freelancer is more beneficial.

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  4. alexalferd

    alexalferd New Member

    i will also go for freelancing.
  5. alexalferd

    alexalferd New Member

    i will also go for freelancing.
  6. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    It's funny, I think it's the other way round for me jf design!

    I meet fewer people freelancing than if I was in an office, but while the quantity might decrease the quality of the people can potentially increase a lot more!

    It's well-known that freelancers miss out on the banter of the office -- even regularly meeting the client and their office team still puts you on the outside, as an outsider!

    So if you're moving home, and will retain being freelance, but want people contact then deep-end yourself in your new neck of the woods with local groups, networking, sports clubs and the like!

    That'll get you familiar with the locality and in front of people. Will they be like-minded, and relatable? Well, even if they're not you've alwasy got your fellow freelancers to fall back on -- here, or in the non-virtual world. Maybe signing up to a co-working space would be a good first move. Good luck jf and let us know how it all goes!


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