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Reseller hosting to host Joomla sites

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by kktdragon, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. kktdragon

    kktdragon New Member

    I currently have a really slow reseller hosting and am creating my current site using joomla.

    I live in the UK & I'm with hosting24 (severs from texas)
    It is very cheap, and I've tried to speed up the loading of my joomla site but it is still pretty slow to connect to the servers.

    It is one of those modern, fancy joomla templates that are pretty heavy.
    I have hosted some other light joomla sites but they are still talking too long to connect to the servers (about 4secs), once it does, the loading time is okay but not great. (another 4 secs), so about 8 secs to load my homepage.

    What I'm asking is once I finish creating my site, I want to transfer it to a Linux server based in the UK.

    I need some advice on what hosting will work well with joomla sites.

    Looking for a reseller hosting that's under £30 p/m.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. kktdragon

    kktdragon New Member

    come on guys...

    After over 160 views, I have been patiently waiting for a reply.

    If you feel that the industry has too much competition, I understand your reason(s) for not being interested.

    Thank you to anyone who is willing to help.
  3. zcrafts

    zcrafts New Member


    You can seach one from :

    Look for UK hosting provider
  4. jenifer

    jenifer New Member

    Hello kktdragon!!
    You can get the reseller hosting package which is presented here Goresellers .
  5. Arc

    Arc New Member

    Depending on your Linux experince it might be worth looking at Amazon Web Services - you can pop up a CentOS Linux instance of reasonable spec for a web server on EC2 which is LIGHTNING fast compared to my other 'standard' web host. I run a few, and after the first which is free the first year, I'm paying about £15-20 a month per server - each of which hosts multiple sites.

    You do need to know your way around the Linux cli, but if you do it's massively time saving to be able to launch a new server to do your dev work, and then just trashing and forgetting about it when you're done.

    You can choose where you're servers are located (the closest location is Ireland) but I suspect they'd be quicker than a usual web host even if you went for the asia/pacific ones..

    Highly recommend it.

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