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RWD & Menus

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by escocia1, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. escocia1

    escocia1 New Member

    Dear Community
    i am a freelancer who uses Dreamweaver to design and code, currently moving into Responsive Web Design
    i bought a responsive menu tool and used it to create a horizontal menu of (traditional standard) 960px width
    it works perfectly on desktop screens (>1024px) and all smartphone screens (<700px) have the hamburger icon
    however, on many tablet screens, depending on device orientation, the menu wraps onto 2 lines between 701px and 959px.

    i am then informed that its not possible for this automatic tool to create responsive menus for ALL devices,
    and that i should not be making menus so wide i.e. responsive menus should not be wide? or automatic menu tools do not actually work for wide menus on all devices?

    the next suggestion was to customise the code to adjust the menu behaviour between 701px and 959px,
    which is fine if you are an experienced CSS programmer but leaves me feeling slightly let down
    and slightly worried that i now need more CSS skills to use this (supposedly) automatic responsive menu tool.

    or maybe i am missing the point and soon most tablet users will have 1024px screens?

    i appreciate your opinions.
  2. LewisCowles1986

    LewisCowles1986 New Member


    I Think the problem is that marketeers will cotton on to the menu-item height, the ability to work at different resolutions and on smart-phone screens (which means it is responsive), but the real question is "how responsive?".

    This is something that plagues the RWD community. If someone comes to you and asks to support phone and tablet, which tablets do you support, at which orientations, resolutions, which browsers?

    Simply saying all of them is a bit of a cop-out IMHO as tablets vary hugely in specification and capability. Personally I would pick on the upper-end google and iOS devices and would allow for both the 10" and 7" models if I had the budget but, honestly, nobody ever seems to, at least not on the projects I am working on.

    Just quickly you mentioned you loose the bottom two elements, what would you like to see happen, and how many menu items are there?

    Also if it is a true RWD tool it should allow you to trigger break-points (@media ) and allow you to auto-fill from existing properties.

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