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SEO and design

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by journoman, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. journoman

    journoman New Member

    Hi All,

    Hopefully one of you creatives can help me?

    Anyone recommened a decent web design person/Company that can also do SEO work?
  2. johnj

    johnj New Member

    Sorry I'm a little thick!

    What does SEO stand for?
  3. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Search Engine Optimisation - getting websites as high up the listings as possible in Google and the other search engines.

    Is this for your own website journoman? Is it to market your own services?
  4. jojest

    jojest New Member

    There is a company called 2J creatives who provide web designing and SEO services and they are pretty reasonable and very good creative guys.
  5. journoman

    journoman New Member


    Thanks for all the advice - I'll have a scout round those mentioned.
  6. BobTheCrate

    BobTheCrate New Member


    Not withstanding esealey's suggestions above.

    The marketplace is awash with people who 'claim' they can get your site right up their in the rankings. And I've seen some outrageous monthly fees for it (i.e £600 +) but nothing special delivered in terms of the SE rankings.

    It's my understanding that Google for example employ as one of their primary criteria for ranking a website, is to measure the volume of other sites that link to it. The logic here is entirely rational. The more sites that link to it, the more popular that site must be .. so up the rankings it goes.

    For your content, it's basically about 'helping' the SE spiders.

    > Include the website name in the alt img text for all pictures.

    > You need a few 'informative' phrases in the meta tags but again I've heard the SE's don't give the meta tags as much priority nowadays. Meta tags to use being Title, Author, Copyright and of course description.

    > Search engines do value file names. If your images & media file names are more English than gobbledegook, this will help.

    > Search engines still prefer plain text for their indexing.
  7. journoman

    journoman New Member


    Some really, great helpful replies - thanks to all.

    And what a great forum!
  8. Jonathan Hue

    Jonathan Hue New Member

    Why Design n then SEO? SEO first and then Design!

    As an SEO professional i want to elaborate on ONE CRUCIAL aspect.

    Why Design and then SEO? Why not SEO and then Design?!

    If the base of the website is completely based on SEO grounds, then you dont need to worry about major search engines at all. If you building it from the scratch then the best possible action would be to lay the foundations on SEO and then go for your Design, dont re-design please!!!

    Thank you
  9. fuzedesign

    fuzedesign New Member

    Web design & SEO

    Hi there,
    fuze design can help with web design and SEO. Get in touch and I will send you details on some of our recent clients and results.

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