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SEO help

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by WoburnGD, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. WoburnGD

    WoburnGD New Member

    I have recently built a website for a 'Trust', who have asked me to look into getting their site more hits. I know this involves SEO, but unfortunately my knowledge in this field is limited.
    Can anyone help in suggesting a good SEO company who will view my site for SEO, or perhaps give me some pointers for DIY.
  2. SurreyWeb

    SurreyWeb New Member


    You might like to read through previous threads like this one:


    SEO is both complex and simple. The nuances are complex but the core needs quite straightforward; unique, high quality content, well referenced by other relevant sites via inbound links and a well structured website.

    The danger you face is that many "SEO" companies make the simple complex by pretence of arcane knowledge that actually achieves nothing, or can get you into trouble. There are few areas of the web so inhabited by people in Stetsons.

    Step one is to learn everything you can before you think about hiring anyone. You need to be well informed to make judgements of that kind and in any case, knowledge of SEO is a good thing in your line of work.

    Maybe you can help the site yourself, along with the owners. SEO isn't all about distant support but a degree of guidance would probably be a good thing. This isn't a vetting site but if you do get to the point of hiring, by all means let us know who and if you need to steer clear that might be mentioned.
  3. GemmaShaw

    GemmaShaw New Member

    Yeah may be your correct but not all companies can be interpreted that way. There are several companies that have Pay on Results programme and follow white hat SEO technique which is acceptable by any search engines.
  4. astinsoftech

    astinsoftech New Member

    Web Design Forum

    SEO is both complex and simple.

  5. martinrex

    martinrex New Member

    The SEO Company you choose should use consultative approach and they should have knowledge about your industry. They should also clearly understand your need and your targeted customers so that they will be able to follow the strategies that are essential to make your website successful. A good SEO Company is one which possesses knowledge about your industry and having good experience and follows perfect techniques to make the project of optimizing your website success. It is very much essential that you discuss with the company regarding the techniques, which they are going to follow to optimize your website, this will enable you to judge whether the techniques that they are going to follow will suit your needs.
  6. james.snv

    james.snv New Member

    Well i think learning a bit about SEO is also important for another reason -- it will help you understand exactly what the company offers, and it will help you figure out if the company is scam or legit.
  7. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    I admit I don't know much about SEO but I follow these steps when creating websites - keyword in domain name, Description in meta tag, H1 H2 containig keywords, content containing keywords, php (or html) file names containing keywords, alt tags containing keywords and repeated navigation links in footer - more or less this should allow you to have your site well positioned.

    Don't forget about sitemap and robots files.

    Paying someone else for something you can explore yourself is a waste of money.
  8. goodboy1

    goodboy1 New Member

    There are many tools out there than can help you analyse your website and compare it to those on page 1 of google for your targeted keywords. the tool at hubspot is very good - Website SEO Tool | Website Grader

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