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SEO Online Marketing

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by Hammad Websolutes, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Hammad Websolutes

    Hammad Websolutes New Member

    How voice searching can be effective for SEO experts?
  2. Sara Alfred

    Sara Alfred New Member

    It is very useful and in near future it will be playing great part. So start developing your skills in it. It is really going to help
  3. Lupita

    Lupita Member

  4. Manasi

    Manasi New Member

    The concept of voice search was probably introduced by someone too lazy to type in all those words related to the search query in Google search and hit enter.

    Unlike normal search where we enter short and keyword-oriented words like “pizza restaurants”, voice search is more long-tail and usually in the form of a question. If I'd want to find a pizza restaurant, my voice search query would be - “Which is the best pizza restaurant near me?”

    Notice the difference in both the queries. This is exactly the reason why we need to optimize our website for voice search! The web page content should be written in a way that it answers the searcher's question in the best possible manner.

    Take a look at these facts before optimizing your website for voice search:
    • Write easy to read content. Content that’s easy to read and understand ranks well in voice search.
    • Voice search results tend to be short and concise. The average voice search answer is 29 words.
    • Page results that appear in featured snippet have higher chances of ranking in voice search.
    • Web pages that have higher rankings in desktop search have increased chances of appearing in voice search results.
    • Page that is on an authoritative domain is usually preferred for voice search result.
    • Improve page speed (less than 4.6 seconds)
    • Write blog posts that answer searcher's question. Keep the post lengthy and long-form.
    • Make sure your site is secured with HTTPS. It will definitely boost your rankings.
    • Design a mobile-friendly site. The last thing you'd want is to push away visitors because of poor browsing experience on smartphones.
  5. Marry Smith

    Marry Smith New Member

    Can anyone tell me that is it possible to bring sales by seo in my E-commerce store?
  6. Cornor006

    Cornor006 New Member

    In seo of voice search, still didn’t come? It will be implemented gradually. it will make big impact in Seo.
  7. SClikes

    SClikes New Member

    voice search is effective for SEO but it will be an important part of SEO’s future. It helps optimize local SEO and boost your mobile search presence.
  8. likeshigh

    likeshigh Member

    Nowadays a large number of people search for any item through voice search. Instead of writing text people consider the voice search as easy and in the coming time its ratio will be more.
  9. SarbjitGrewal

    SarbjitGrewal New Member

    Similar to text searching, voice searching has become the latest trend for the common to search for the things for their daily use. It is considered as easy as well as reliable way of searching on Google. Even, Google has started giving preference to the website with Voice search optimization.
  10. Yusuf Javed

    Yusuf Javed New Member

    Voice search make search engine more user friendly. The voice search help search engine to attract lots of users around them.
  11. James Mason

    James Mason New Member

    Here are some proven voice search optimization strategies that will be more easier for an SEO expert to rank a website.
    • optimize for rich answer
    • use conversational language for content
    • use long tail keywords
  12. Naheed Mir

    Naheed Mir Member

    You have mentioned the best strategies for voice search optimization. Moreover, I will also add:
    • Use conversational keywords
    • Optimize your content for the Featured Snippet box
    • Revise your content strategy
  13. baileyonline

    baileyonline New Member

    Voice search began with smartphones and soon spread to smart speakers and voice assistants around the world. Today, we are witnessing a voice search revolution, with practically every generation enthusiastically embracing technology. With the expected near-quadruple increase in voice search, we must generate content that's optimised for it.

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