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smart ways to earn as a graphic designer

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by umoh70, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. umoh70

    umoh70 New Member

    6 Ways To Earn money as a Graphic Designer
    There are many ways to earn money online as a graphic designer regardless of what field you’re in! If you’re thinking of how to get started as a graphic designer take a look at this list and then start making or selling some of these products.

    1. Create and sell Templates
    This is perhaps one of the best ways to earn the passive income graphic designers need to earn. This method is simple to implement. All you need to do is design templates of any kind. These could be used for invitations, posters, ebooks, or Pinterest images. Then, you can sell the templates on the internet.

    Many small-scale business owners and bloggers who are working on deadlines or do not have the ability to develop their own designs are drawn to these products due to the ease of being able to modify the designs.

    When you have your own template shop and you’ve done the work to earn money, you can earn without much effort beyond advertising your products.

    2. Make Knowledge Shared Through Webinars or Workshops
    Learning online is on the rise at an unprecedented rate and I’m sure that some of you may even be able to attend an online seminar about ‘How to Earn Money as a Graphic Designer.’
    If you’ve done some research on graphic design, or believe that you’re knowledgeable enough about it and want to you can sell online classes and workshops, training, or webinars that present the subject to others that may not be aware of the subject in depth.

    Even if you only talk about the basics, you’ll be helping out many others and earning some cash along the way. Teachable is an excellent platform to develop online classes! Find out more about it here.

    3. Sell Stickers
    Because of the increasing rise in popularity of TikTok small-scale sticker shops are booming. To create stickers, all you require is access to Photoshop or Canva for creating text-based stickers or an iPad to create illustrations for stickers.

    The best part about making stickers is that they can make use of drop shipping, which basically means you don’t have to take on the responsibility of the packing and distribution in the event that you don’t want to be.

    You can contact an outside vendor to handle your entire sales and still have more cash in your pocket in the final hours.

    The most effective places to sell your stickers are Etsy, RedBubble, and Society6. It is also possible to host your own site with images on Shopify.

    4. You can become a Design Consultant
    If you’re looking to earn money as a graphic designer by selling the most expensive products and high-end products, then becoming a design consultant could be the right choice for you.

    In this way, you make a sale of one or two hours in your spare time looking for your ideas and thoughts about graphic design ideas for their business. You decide on your hourly price and guide and counsel potential designers, providing them with tips and giving them a point in the right direction.

    5. Designer Fonts are available for Creative Market as well as Etsy
    Fonts can be a fantastic method of earning an income that is passive for graphic designers who are interested in typography. There are a variety of ways to create fonts, including your own handwriting. you can then market at a price of up to $100 on sites like Creative Market or Etsy.

    6. Print pre-made logo packaging
    Similar to the process of creating and selling templates, you could design and sell a range of logos already vectors.

    This is the most popular method for smaller companies that aren’t able to afford customized branding to make the logo they want to use. All they need to open the design file, change the colors and words and they’ll have their own unique logo.

    Do well to share your thoughts...thank you
  2. Dorothy Lyons

    Dorothy Lyons New Member

    What a great information. Thanks for that. I never see like that.

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