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Sole trader - I made a mess

Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal' started by Alek90, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Alek90

    Alek90 New Member


    In 2019 I started a career as a freelance photographer and I realised five photographic services for a total amount of £1,130.00.

    Since I was starting, my photographic expenses in terms of camera and lens (£676.97) and female designer outfits I used for my shootings (£4966.91) were very high, for a total amount of £5643.70.

    I registered my self as a sole trader on January and I received the government gateway user ID, but the problem is that I haven’t fill the tax return for 2019 since I thought that I should have paid taxes on my second year, but reading online I just realised I was wrong.

    Also, in the same period, I got £3,570.40 from sales on Ebay (personal items or objects I previously bought that I didn’t need anymore). For this sort of business did I have to pay taxes?

    What should I go? Do you suggest me to hire a professional? How could I fix the situation?

    Many thanks,


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