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Starting out as a freelance writer

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AdamRT, Feb 17, 2022.

  1. AdamRT

    AdamRT New Member

    Hello everyone,

    For the past 2 or so months, I have been trying to get into the freelance writer business, but failing. I am doing this completely on my own, with only a few articles telling me it is easy to get become a frelance writer. I have been searching and applying for jobs left right and centre, but they either want X amount of qualifications or they never get back to me. I have been using sites such as Indeed, Reed, Upwork, but with little to no results. I was approached by someone on Upwork for a possible long term work on the proviso I complete a test article, which I completed but didn't get the job, but was told it was sold to a client.

    I am at a loss and dont know where to turn, I have done the whole 9-5 jobs for the past 15 year and its safe to say thats not for me. I am very passionate about writing and I am working towards my degree. I really want to become a freelance writer, so if anyone on here can give me advice or some pointers, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you :)
  2. Rayan Wahi

    Rayan Wahi New Member

    There are other platforms too where you can try getting work. Upwork is really a big platform and it is not easy to get a job on a regular basis among the thousand applications. You can try other platforms too. A few of them are:
    fiverr.com, gig4u.co, and peopleperhour.com

    Also, Please keep in mind that your work does not end after creating the profile only. You've to create a portfolio and showcase your sample work so that clients can understand your ability in one go. You can promote yourself on social media too. You can join communities on these websites and ask relevant queries and connect with other freelancers and businesses too. This blog can help you in making deals with clients: hubpages.com
  3. Alina Rose

    Alina Rose New Member

    Make your good profile on some different platforms. Drop some recent work you have done in past. Then that clients choose you while They see your previous working.
    As a article writer you have to join Freelancer where you can sell your services, I am also worked on this site for a long time. A very Big opportunity for new service providers.

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