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Stop freelancing and going full-time, need advice please!

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by smashy2014, May 16, 2014.

  1. smashy2014

    smashy2014 New Member

    I've been freelancing for over a year now (online marketing and copywriting), at the beginning I was unemployed and an opportunity came out to work as a freelance, which was good because it meant flexibility and time to spend with my 2 year old daughter (she's 3 days at the nursery and 2 days at home with me).

    Since I've started I won another client but have been struggling financially since the first client started to give half the work I used to have last year.

    Due to the financial issues, me and my husband decided for me to search for a full-time job (my husband has a full-time job at the moment). I went to a job interview this week and they offered me the job. Now I have mixed feelings and I'm just not sure what to do. At the beginning of this week I also win a new freelance client, that is a marketing agency. I'm working in their agency marketing as a try out but have the possibility to work for their clients in the future if they like my work.

    So it seems I have all this happening at the same time which doesn't help me decide. I'm happy because it is a good full-time opportunity and the salary is good. We would both have stability and stop the financial issues. But that also means giving up all 3 clients I have at the moment and the opportunity and flexibility to be with my daughter (she would have to start 5 days at the nursery). I love the freedom of working as a freelance but don't really like the instability of it.

    When I started freelancing it was supposed to be something temporary until I find a full-time job, but I ended working as a freelance for so long I kinda start relating and enjoying it.Going to a full-time job again also scares me a lot, with having to be there 9-5 and will all the office politics and stuff like that.

    I've also thought about not giving up my 3 freelance clients on the first month starting on this job so I can give it a try, but I'm not sure I can work full-time in a company whilst continuing to freelance?

    Well, thank you very much for reading, as you can see I'm really confused but I guess I'm not the first freelancer to be in this kind of dilemma. Anyone can give me some good advice?
  2. threelancer

    threelancer Member

    Very difficult to work full time and do your freelancing and spend time with your daughter. So you have to make a break and go either full time or stick with freelancing. The decision is financial considerations VS More hours being a mum.
    Million dollar question for many really and only you can make that call.
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  3. gymnast44

    gymnast44 New Member

    Hi there,

    I too have been in a similar situation to be honest. I got all the way to setting up in business last year, website the lot with a guy from Warrington who was going to do the web and graphic side of things - I met him on the Start-ups website (which is really good). Unfortunately like you finances dictated that I take a contract role leading to perm. if all was ok. I have kept in touch with the guy which is good. He since worked with somebody who said they could do this that and the other and none of it happened. I went to my contract and was bullied by the director - horrid time, so I left. I've since been out of work then finally got a fulltime job end April, loved it and the people and yes it is daunting, but I had a car accident so had to have time in hospital - what did they do terminate my contract due to time off??? So I am at that stage like you where I am applying for jobs (ones I would like e.g. charity work) but have also set up an account on here and designed my logo. I am currently working for a business which can't pay hardly anything but really enjoying it and you never know it could lead to more accounts. It's the financial side that worries me as my husband has had to carry us for 2 - 3 years now, don't know how we are not living in the shed!

    I do have friends who do a fulltime job and frelance - but this means taking time out at night to do this and not spending time with the family, so you would have to be prepared for that. Have you thought about joining forces with another freelancer, even in a different area, to increase the client base at all? I am presuming you have a website (I've not done mine yet as in a quandary like you) and social media pages? What does your husband think? My hubby has been nagging me for years to go it alone/join forces with somebody. The guy that I was going into business with is actually now doing the web work for us where I'm now and will probably get more work, so it could be we resurrect the business. Again it's the financial side of things like you still. Can your husband afford to pay bills etc for the next couple of months whilst you do a push for your freelance work/look at other options????

    Do email me if you wish to talk more! Let me know if you have decided anything yet
  4. smashy2014

    smashy2014 New Member

    Hi, how are you now?

    Well, I've taken the full-time job, hating it and dreaming about becoming a freelancer again! I'm hating having to be stuck in an office so many hours and not being in the drivers seat (amongst other things). I've asked my manager if I could work from home 1 day per week since I'm struggling with so many office hours and he basically said no. This is a former client I had whilst freelancing, so pretty ironic isn't it?

    Anyway, now I'm trying to find a part-time job so I have a steady income and have time to have freelance clients as well. I don't have money aside or neither my husband can afford to pay the bills himself alone, especially when we have a little child at nursery! My husband knows I'm much more happy working for myself but he's not very supportive with that, since he's more the full-time-employment-steady-income type of person, which I resent a bit since I would love to have someone that would support me and inspire me to do what makes me happy.
  5. gymnast44

    gymnast44 New Member

    Hi Smashy

    I am so sorry it has been so long since I have replied to you - I don't always log in here that often, which is wrong I know but I have not really had any luck using it at all. Oh gosh it sounds horrendous. Like you I am trying to find a p/t job which I can do, in marketing hopefully, and then freelance/set up a business of my own! I am the same as you my husband has been struggling to keep the roof over our heads - we have so much in common.

    What about doing your own thing or partnering as said before with somebody? I'm still in touch with a guy who has worked with me recently in graphics/digital etc (has aspergers so nobody would give him a chance, I understand it as worked with people with it, so I did; also a lady got speaking to recently who I'm hoping to speak to this week).

    Not sure where you live - have you got an email address I can get you direct on to talk freelancing etc etc?? I am on olgakorbut@btinternet.com Olgakorbut

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