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Tax Advice: Part-time self-employed in UK + Full-time employed in Germany?

Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal' started by mrseanbaines, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. mrseanbaines

    mrseanbaines New Member


    I am hoping to get some advice regarding tax payments in my situation.

    I am a UK citizen and moved to Germany just under 4 months ago. I currently have a full-time job (approx. 35hrs/week) here in Germany, but I am wanting to start freelancing in web development alongside my current job.

    I guess I will need to register as self-employed somewhere. Will I be able to do this in the UK using my parents' address there and carry on paying my German job tax in Germany and any freelance work tax in the UK, assuming I bill my clients in GBP?

    If this is possible, what would happen if my only source of income was the freelancing (registered in the UK)? Would I be able to carry on living in Germany with only paying tax in the UK and not in Germany?

    Also, if not possible. What's my best option? Can I register as self-employed (freelance) AND employed? Do I even need to register or do I just fill out a tax return once a year for my freelance income?


    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016

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