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Tax issue with flat sharing

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Nicky350, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Nicky350

    Nicky350 New Member

    My boyfriend is moving in with me and will be contributing towards household bills and towards my mortgage. Are there any tax issues with this? In other words, do I need to declare it as an 'income'? We have worked out the total of his contribution to be around £415 per month. I am not 'renting a room' per se.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. chubba

    chubba New Member

    Hi Nicky,

    Um, think you have to be careful, not from a tax point of view but from a splitting up and your lovely boyfriend trying to take half your flat!

    We do not like to think of worse case scenarios and I hope you and your lad live happily ever after but relationships do go sour and I am not sure at what point a live in lover becomes a common law partner so maybe someone else here can help out and let us know.

    You might be better going down the route of him being a lodger as I am sure you can rent out one room without tax liabilities. Get him to sign a contract (for tax purposes, don't need to tell him it is for your own protection) and this way if things do go worng he has only ever been a lodger and has not been "contributing to the mortgage" as that may give him some hold over your dwelling.

    Sorry to not answer your question but thought you should take this into consideration.
  3. Nicky350

    Nicky350 New Member

    Hi Chubba
    I appreciate the advice, but he's really not the type and we are planning to buy jointly a house in the new year.
    I will look at the 'lodger' scenario. However, it's the tax issue I am concerened with rather than the splitting up scenario - it really aint gonna happen believe me :) The Taleban is the only thing that comes between us (he's in the RAF).
  4. chubba

    chubba New Member

    Hi Nicky,

    With him in the RAF then not much chance of splitting up as you will never see each other enough to get peed off!

    If you are buying together next year then less of a worry splitting up wise so I will revise my suggestions :)

    If you are living together as partners then how about a joint account? Both contribute into it, pay the mortgage and bills through it etc. This would not be an issue from a tax point of view as the money would be going into a joint account.
  5. R1gM

    R1gM New Member

    Last edited: Jan 15, 2007

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