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Taxed at partnership level?

Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal' started by Frember, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Frember

    Frember New Member


    We have set up a UK partnership some years ago, but until now we didn't have any mentionable income. For the tax return we filed a SA800 and a SA100 for each partnership member, but we didn't have to pay tax yet.

    Now we want to distribute our software in the USA too and therefore we want to join the 'Steam' platform. During the setup of a developer account we got stuck at one of their their FAQ:

    "Q. Can I complete the paperwork as a partnership?

    A. If you have a partnership registered in the United States or if your partnership exists outside the US and the partnership is taxed at the partnership level, then yes. However, if your partnership exists outside the US, and the partnership is taxed at the individual partner(s) versus the partnership level, then no."

    So the question is, can we confirm that our partnership is 'taxed at the partnership level'? (Does this mean we will pay all our taxes from our partnership's business account?)

    If no one knows the answer, where else could we ask?

    Thank you!

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