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Teamwork for anyone interested

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by coswd, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. coswd

    coswd New Member

    Guys hi,

    I have something to suggest for anyone interested. I'm looking to do my first jobs in the web area, hence I'm willing to provide initially my services at a very low price. I write clean php (no drupal, wordpress or other cms) for completely custom dynamic sites, from simple ones to eshops.

    What I'm saying is addressed both to web designers and end customers which essentially will simply pay the cost of the designer. I will benefit from this by adding these projects to my experience, so if you're a customer or a designer who has someone who wants a site, we can take it together. Let me know.

  2. Scott

    Scott New Member

    Hello Costas,

    I would like a 10 page (ish) mobile website creating.




  3. Scott

    Scott New Member

    Re: previous comment...Please contact me on scottchope@yahoo.co.uk with any feedback!

    Looking forward to your email.

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