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The best way to charge customers

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by tom_stutt, May 14, 2009.

  1. tom_stutt

    tom_stutt New Member

    Hi All

    I just was to know how you go about charging and what you think is a resonable rate to charge seen as im a new designer?

    Thanks, Tom
  2. mmrizmy

    mmrizmy New Member

    Charging Clients

    this is my idea, you might be having something else,

    when iam charging from clients, i use the method of packages , in that package i have included 10 static web pages, 1GB web hosting space, unlimited sub domains, unlimited e-mail accounts,

    so for that i have a certain price,

    or else you can charge for pages you create, that might be good enough too,

    but my method is package concept,
    however its up to you,
  3. MikeHarwood

    MikeHarwood New Member

    There is no set rate as in certain parts of the world there are freelancers that will work for an incredibly small amount as their cost of living is so low, here in the UK, you have to find an hourly rate that you are comfortable with and also reflects your experience, ability and delivery of a successful solution, but break it down into 'Design concept' No of 'static' pages required and hosting if required.

    Good luck.

  4. aSPiRe3D

    aSPiRe3D New Member

    What I've found has worked for me is to check other designers' sites and see how much they charge for their packages, etc. The prices shouldn't vary that much, thus will put you in the right frame of mind when you weigh them against your living needs.

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