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The problem with a graphic designer.

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Dean-123, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Dean-123

    Dean-123 Banned

    Hey guys!
    I want to get some points of view from graphic designers about an experience I recently had with one. First, we accorded a budget of 400 dollars for a job that included some Flash, some design and of course, nice presentation. The deadline was around 2 weeks; I didn’t ask him for anything because I trusted him. So, when he delivers I was unhappy with some of the designs and he comes all grumpy at me, telling me what my mistakes were and that if I wanted him to fix those mistakes he would charge me with another 200, so I accepted. Then I realized that some text was wrong and I sent him the correct one and he charged me another 80 bucks just for making him so the same thing twice. Is this normal? What would you have charged me? What could I have gotten for 680 bucks from the beginning?
  2. Cadaver

    Cadaver New Member


    maybe YOU did somthing wrong from the begin?:banana
  3. Mass Appeal Designs

    Mass Appeal Designs New Member

    Hi Dean

    I dont use flash so this is not a pitch for work but usually when I do work for a client I give them a flat fee with unlimited revisions, that way there is no confusion. Graphic designers can tend to be up themselves a bit sometimes. If you still need work doing try using these sites were you can hire a freelancer: Elance - Outsourcing to freelance programmers, web & logo designers, copywriters, illustrators and consultants | Elance or Guru.com ? Find freelancers at the world?s largest online service marketplace.. You will get people bidding to do your oroject and you can see peoples feedback before awarding the project.

    Take it easy

  4. Dean-123

    Dean-123 Banned


    thankyou darren,your advice is very useful!i'll take it into consideration!
  5. Dean-123

    Dean-123 Banned

    explain it

    hi cadaver,thankyou for your post,can you explian your point in details?
    i want to what's the mistake is !
    thank you!
  6. Scarlet-Hills

    Scarlet-Hills New Member


    If you're worried about errors in your work then I'd avoid hiring freelancers from bidding websites. They're likely to be somewhat unprofessional/illiterate(!)
  7. loveunltd

    loveunltd New Member

    I'd find another designer in future. If he spotted mistakes he could've fixed them as he went instead of pointing them out and charging for fixing them. Sounds like a chancer.

    And, as above, avoid the bidding sites.
  8. urbanbindi

    urbanbindi New Member

    Sounds like this designer did not work towards a project plan or any kind of plan for that matter.

    A good designer will usually outline a set of deliverables to you. (Items of work you can expect from the designer.) Such as a proposal, a project plan, schedule of milestones & proposed deadlines, initial concepts, etc.

    I always provide these at the start of the project and always update the client accordingly.

    Next time seek someone who is more professional in their attitude.

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