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To Blog or not to Blog....

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by LadyAdventure, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. LadyAdventure

    LadyAdventure New Member


    I'm a student with British College of Journalism. Very good course so far.

    I kind of get the 'blog' business and kind of don't. Has it helped any of you with freelance journalism? Where would you blog? What would I 'blog' about?!

    Trying to get with the times, at 25 it shouldn't be too hard!

    All advice welcome
  2. Stephaniedunleavy

    Stephaniedunleavy New Member

    Dear LadyAdventure

    Blogging is extremely important in the Journalism and PR industry. A little birdie is tweeting information and is spreading it onto media Professionals worldwide. The birdie is allowing the media Professionals to converse and voice their opinion, it enables them to connect and speak about current issues. This is no real birdie this is Twitter. In recent years Twitter has become an international phenomenon with 100 million users worldwide. The effects of social networking sites are similar to that of a passing bird. The information is exposed and is then digested into the peering eyes of Journalism professionals. Over the past few years social media has rocketed and although many media professionals welcome social media it seems some still feel it is unnecessary to blog. Journalists and PR companies are recognising the need to stay connected and communicate online. Blogging is the most cost effective way to demonstrate your work on the web. It enables you to reach out to your targeted audience and grow presence online.

    Stephanie x

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