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To freelance or not to freelance?

Discussion in 'CAD Forum' started by Derby CAD Monkey, May 30, 2009.

  1. Derby CAD Monkey

    Derby CAD Monkey New Member

    With ten years of assorted 2D and £d CAD experience under my belt I find myself redundant.
    I now have a bit of time to contemplate my future career and the temptation of freelancing does have it's appeal.
    Question is, that's the market like these days?
    I have a strong suspicion that it's getting pretty tough out there.

    Anyway, any helpful hints and tips accepted.
  2. Brian_of_Bozeat

    Brian_of_Bozeat New Member

    Hi there, I find myself in the same boat. Having previously managed a couple of DO's and had freelancers on board I have to say that cetain aspects do appeal (which is why I'm looking at this site!) please post back on how you got on...
  3. caddesignworks

    caddesignworks New Member

    I am based in leicester, well for me too it is slow very slow to say but I am still hoping there will be something for us well the jobs market is worse so this is better.
  4. clairelitt

    clairelitt New Member


    I have been freelance for three years due to wanting to be back in the design world and not enjoying my job.

    I got help from the princes trust and a grant of £1500 for start up costs. Business link will tell you if there are any grants available to you.

    I also think that my saving grace is the Tax Credits system putting a little extra in my pocket when times are hard.

    I took a part time job last year - things were quiet and it enabled me to keep freelancing too.

    Good luck.

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