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Top 5 Graphic Design Tips for 2019

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by kawsar91221, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. kawsar91221

    kawsar91221 New Member

    1 – Inspiration is key
    Whenever I am taking on a new client and researching their ideas, I always spend time gathering designs from all around the world as inspiration.
    With today’s technology, it is now easier than ever.
    There are quite a few sources for amazing inspiration for designers.
    I like to follow Graphic Design tags on Pinterest – Pinterest is a fantastic place to get inspired!
    Viewing other graphic designers work from all around the world can really help when feeling stuck.
    Most of my inspiration comes from high fashion brands, looking online at the latest high fashion packaging, invitations are so inspiring.
    Depending on your style of design you will find different things will inspire your design work, Explore this!
    A regular haunt of mine is Behance.
    It is full of talented designers from all around the world.
    It is also an excellent place for you to showcase your work and give inspiration to others.

    2 – White Space is our friend

    A see many designers try to over complicate things or try to fit in too much.
    From my experience, LESS IS MORE.
    Always try to keep everything to a minimum; this is what will be remembered and is necessary for brand recognition.
    Try to shorten the message and get more to the point.
    After all, people will not read the entire message, so focus on the main point to get across.
    Do not be afraid of white space, it is your friend, and it helps to emphasise the actual message.

    3 – Colour

    Colour is one of the single most important aspects of graphic design.
    As humans, we are incredibly visual, and we rely heavily on visual communication.
    Take your time to choose the right colours.
    It is always a good idea to do some research into different colours as different colours set different tones and moods to your overall design.
    There is a lot of research and theories out there on the significance of colours.
    There is an excellent article on colour psychology out there like Color Psychology in Marketing and Brand Identity: Part 2
    “Colour evokes emotions” Mydee Lasquite – Visme.co
    Different colours evoke different emotions from people.
    That’s why it is imperative that when you are creating that new logo or icon for a brand that you do your research into the colours to use and why you should use a specific tone if that is the way you want to go.
    In saying all of the above, most of the design work that we produce is monochrome for the reasons of readability and adaptability.

    4 – Contrast

    Contrast is one of the keys to creating amazing graphics.

    Be it black and white or black and yellow; it is essential to use the right contrast in your design.

    However contrast is not only about colours, but it also covers different shapes, contrasting fonts and typography.

    All these contrasts should compliment each other and bring your design together.

    Contrast of sizes

    One of my favourite things to experiment with is contrasting with the sizes of elements in my designs.

    Having all the text the same size and font style can make designs quite dull and will not grab people’s attention.

    It would help if you experimented with contrasting sizes of text, shapes and graphics that will give your design real impact.

    Contrast of colour

    The contrast of colour is essential to a good design.

    It is essential to work with colours that compliment each other.

    The worst thing to do is pick colours that are similar to each other as you cause confusion and irritation.

    5 – Align your objects (Please)

    Alignment can really make or break a good design.
    I am not saying everything must be centred or to the left, but it has to make sense in your design.
    One trick I use is to use Grids & Rulers.
  2. theprintingblue

    theprintingblue New Member

    Thanks for sharing Graphic Design tips. These tips are very meaningful for me.
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  3. Yusuf Javed

    Yusuf Javed New Member

    Your graphic design ideas tips looks good and helpful for my upcoming post.
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  4. sofiabelle

    sofiabelle New Member

    Hello Kawsar,

    Your crucial tips about graphics designing will be beneficial for all the designers especially a fresher have a chance to learn a lot from these points.
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  5. Naheed Mir

    Naheed Mir Member

    Thanks for sharing some of the important tips for graphic designers. I will add a few more to them:
    • Practice, practice, practice.
    • Learn the tools
    • Keep your design simple
    • Aim for color cohesion
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  6. vantopc

    vantopc New Member

    Last edited: May 8, 2021
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  7. baileyonline

    baileyonline New Member

    • Limit your typefaces
    • Don’t be scared of scale
    • Use a small color scheme
    • Create Clean, crisp and clear imagery
    • Keep your designs simple
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