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Tricks of the trade

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by BobTheCrate, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. BobTheCrate

    BobTheCrate New Member

    I remember seeing a few years ago now, a photographic trick of the trade also employed by film/TV photographers, when shooting food for adverts.

    There's a liquid which is poured over the prepared food which really brings out the colour of the food making it look so much more appetising for the photograph/commercial.

    To all intense and purposes it makes the food inedible I think but is perfect for the task of making it look good for the picture/commercial. Maybe it's veg oil ?

    Does anyone here know exactly what it is that they pour over the food ?
  2. SharpClause

    SharpClause New Member

    I believe it's glycerine, isn't it? Same thing they sometimes use for fake tears in the films!:D

    Gives it that glossy sheen and enhances the colours under the lights.
  3. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

    Glycerine, a small bowl and a pastry brush.........you're sorted. :)
  4. mitch 70

    mitch 70 New Member

    adding steam to hot food

    Another tip, if you want steam. Place a tampon in a bowl of water, wack it in the microwave for a couple of mins on highest setting. remove tampon from hot water place behind food, out of shot and away you go.
  5. timetrial

    timetrial New Member

    more tips...

    black coffee with cream - black treacle and pva wood glue

    that just cooked look for chicken etc. - massage in some marmite

    if you want to shoot something like a glass of beer with a chilled look to it give the glass a dusting with dulling spray and then use a plant spritzer to spray on a mix of glycerine and water

    is this starting to sound like Viz Top Tips with Roger Mellie?

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