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Trouble deciding day rate!

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by Jennifer Morris, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Jennifer Morris

    Jennifer Morris New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm returning to freelancing after a 7 year stint working in-house and in an agency. I'm AD level, and am setting up a business in the South East, servicing SMEs and start-ups. I'm having trouble settling on a day rate, after receiving conflicting advice from a number of people. I obviously don't want to undersell myself, but equally can't afford to price myself too highly if it puts prospective clients off. The rate guide on here is also 12yrs out of date! Can anyone tell me what an acceptable day rate is? So far I've had advice from £450 to £650 a day, with a couple of people outside the industry thinking £400 was steep!! Thanks for all input! Jenny
  2. Jeremy Singer

    Jeremy Singer New Member

    Hi Jenny,

    Day rates for an AD on a short term contract in London can vary, however £300 - £350 seems to be the norm. Anything over may put start-up's off committing.

    You could always negotiate a more structured pay grade following the successful completion a specific project.



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