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Vat or NOT? please help me

Discussion in 'Illustrator Forum' started by indiffident, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. indiffident

    indiffident New Member

    I recently moved to UK from Italy and I want to move my business to the UK, I am a Freelance graphic designer/photographer (I illustrate book's covers, magazines, adverts etc) and in Italy I was a freelancer and for this reason I had a Piva (VAT number). I work with some agencies in UK, in Europe and from all around the world.

    I would like to know if I need to open a VAT number in Uk as well, to work as freelancer.
    I checked on the H&M Revenue website and I know that it's not necessary to have a VAT number if I earn less than 79.000£, but if I work with international agencies outside the UK, Do I need a Vat number?

    What I have to do to register myself as self employed and pay the taxes here in the UK?

    Many Thanks
  2. mtar47

    mtar47 New Member

    simple few steps to get you started

    Hello Indifferent,

    Well You are certainly on the money when you said that "If you don't have taxable income of £ 79,000 or above there is no legal requirement to register your business for VAT purposes. However, there are some benefits to register for VAT voluntarily.

    If you register for VAT you can also get back any VAT you pay on goods or services you buy for your business.

    To answer your second question its a simple process if you follow the steps and you can set yourself up as self employed very easily.

    First of all get your self a National Insurance Contributions(NIC) number if you don't have one, as HMRC will ask for this, here is a number for getting one Jobcentre Plus on Tel: 0845 600 0643.

    Once you have that you can contact HMRC and tell them you are self employed and tell them about your business. They will register you after taking some details and send you a "UTR" Unique Tax Reference number, which is used when you pay taxes and is important.

    You will generally pay NIC 2 and maybe 4 depending on your profits.

    However, I think I have bored you enough with this information, as a freelancer myself I do my taxes myself. Well when I say myself I use a web software "https://www.gosimpletax.com/". Its pretty simple once you get the hang of it and my taxes haven't bothered me much.

    Hope this information have been useful and good luck with settling in.

  3. Lupita

    Lupita Member

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