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VAT Return Box 6,7

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Garfieldian, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Garfieldian

    Garfieldian New Member

    Hi Folks. I am new to all this so!

    This might appear a really silly question but!

    I am a freelance trainer and registered for VAT and am struggling with the VAT Return. I fill out an invoice in the usual way. I include my services and expenses Ex VAT. Then show the grand total inc VAT and the VAT component.

    I accumulate expenses such as hotels and equipment and then bill the expenses back to the customer in full.

    1) When I fill in the return it wants in Box 6 the ‘Total Sales excluding VAT’. Now does that include my fee and the expenses or just my fee? I assume it means my fee plus net expenses as i charge all expenses back to the customer. Have I got this right?

    2) Now if I have the above right how do you fill in box 7. Since my expenses are purchases do I include them in box 7 also?

    Any help appreciated.


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