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Vector Sites

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Smudge, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Smudge

    Smudge New Member

    Anybody know of any good sites with free vector art or eps files, that kind of thing. I am just trying to increase my resources and wondered what was out there!
  2. echo around town

    echo around town New Member

    you must be a great designer mate!!!

    make your own, people like you give our industry and bad name!

  3. Smudge

    Smudge New Member

    Oh go and build one of your sodding paper robots.

    Anyone who could please actually offer me some help then please get in touch.

    As I am not an Illustrator I obviously cannot create my own vector art so when I need to incorporate some kind of vector art I need a source where I can obtain such things. I have actually found quite a useful one which is zatstyles but I just wondered if there was any others that are out there. Im not talking big flash vector pieces just small tabs, buttons etc that I can use, I charge my clients by the hour and to avoid a hefty bill for them at the end I cannot sit and create things I simply am not able to do so well!

    I apologise for bringing shame upon the industry!
  4. echo around town

    echo around town New Member

    id rather be doing paper robot for fun than bashing out medocur logos with swooshes on and using stock buttons. i hate designers like you no thought or narrative "hmmmm that will do"
  5. Smudge

    Smudge New Member

    Firstly you know nothing about my designs having never seen any so how you can comment on them I dont know! Secondly I am trying to put more thought into my designs by including vector art I couldnt otherwise create. I spend a long time putting thought into my designs and creating the best I possibly can so please dont say I put no thought in and have a 'that will do' attitude! If you have nothing constructive to say then dont say anything at all. Designers are on here for help, not to be put down by other people!

    You need to start venting your anger somewhere else - I see you have had two or three arguements with other designers who are in your opinion "giving the industry a bad name"

    If you are really that good and busy with work as you say you are then how you have the time or feel the need to create a website creating "kewl" paper robots I dont know!! I wish I had the time to go and take pictures of paper stuck to trees!
  6. Smudge

    Smudge New Member

    Gosh - I have just seen you badge designs you posted on previous thread! How you can say I dont put enough thought into my designs and even judge my design skills I dont know!
  7. workinprogress

    workinprogress New Member


    Easy guys theres two different points of view.

    Firstly there's a difference between graphic designers and illustrators both have entire industries you can't be expected to be amazing at everything and thats why Stock Photography: Search Royalty Free Images & Photos | iStockphoto.com exisits, as long as the client knows your not passing it off on your own then I think it's ok.

    Secondly and this is where I agree with Echo, its important to be able to create original vector artwork within your graphic designs because it has a greater value to the client.

    Either way I don't think stock vectors are damaging the industry it gives freelances another avenue to make extra cash.

    Smudge I'm dissappointed that you want free stuff when istock is hardly going to break the bank.
  8. echo around town

    echo around town New Member

    Smudge...im a student and im a better designer than you, you obviously dont have any design ethics obviously you havent got a clue about the design process (RDP) you must be really proud of what u produce and will be forever searching forums for jobs for little clients iv already worked with big businesses and im 19 years of age i would love to see some of your work and mate i dont overload myself with work because i dont need to so iv decided to create a KEWL website for good designers and people with an imagination to have FUN!! with design rather than doing everything for money, if you just want to make money your in the wrong game.
  9. Smudge

    Smudge New Member

    Again, how do you know you are a better designer than me!! You have never seen a single piece of work I have ever produced! I will happily send you some work and then you can make an accurate and educated comment about if you think you are a better designer.

    I dont search these forums for jobs as I am a full time Graphic Designer working in a busy design studio and produce work like yourself for big businesses, recently including Brother and AstraZeneca so I dont need the extra work. I use this forum for resource and general information, hence my original thread.

    I obviously do have a clue about the deign process as it is what I do for a living, 9-5, monday - Friday.

    Why you bought your age into it I dont know, but just for the record I am only a year older than you.
  10. alexellis

    alexellis New Member


    I think you both have the required Artistic Temperament to be in the creative industry, It has made me giggle- Easy Ladz, Chill out. I think your both creative.:bye
  11. AppleRay

    AppleRay New Member

    It's like Big Brother!

    As my daughter says.. "take a chill-pill dad"

    From time-to-time we've all had to find some vector stuff on the net. It also can help inspire us during the search. Fortunately, when the time arises I can call my illustrator on the Bat Phone. Failing that, I too use the I-Stock guys, and no, I don't have the urge to nip down to the confession box and beg for forgiveness!!

    Let's all work together!


    Art & Design Studio 2008
  12. Smudge

    Smudge New Member

    Sorry guys for getting a bit heated but I dont take kingly to being called an idiot, bad designer and a disgrace to the industry especially when the person has never seen a piece of my work and knows nothing about me!

    I only came on here for a bit of advice! Haha!

    Anyway, thanks for the emails from the people with genuine help and I am pleased we made a few people giggle along the way!
  13. Pingsweetie

    Pingsweetie New Member

    Please everyone be NICE ... ... and Polite.

    It doesn't half put you off leaving a message when everyone is so rude to each other, does it really help? We've all got strengths and weaknesses. I'm really BAD at laying sophisticated elegant typographic stuff but I'm great at colourfull kitschy stuff. Oh AND I'm not bad at knocking out quick vector graphics!!!,

    not for NOTHING but if you end up having a small budget and want to give me a price I'll see what I can do, Smudge.

    Please make up and be friends you lot, it's hard enough to be freelance sometimes it'd be nice to think that 'you're own kind' were sympathetic.

    I'm designing an annual report today which must be the worst job for me ever! Still money's money.

  14. nogare

    nogare New Member

    I think at the end of the day, it's lovely to be able to create your own artwork from scratch, but trying to explain to a client that 'just putting in some flower shapes at the bottom' will take you six hours is often impossible. Why should you waste time creating something identical to other designs when there are plenty of resources to utilise that will save you time.
    And even then you don't have to be unoriginal, you can spend hours modifying and changing artwork from stock sites into something beautiful and unique. And if you can get something free, why not? I happily use free stuff if I can, but at the same time also contribute to the same sites.
    And I never think one designer's better than the other, we all have our strong points.
  15. robcub

    robcub New Member

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