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Want to be a t-shirt designer?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by redredred, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. redredred

    redredred New Member


    We will shortly be launching a new community-based website giving talented designers the opportunity to submit t-shirt designs for print. Users will vote on the designs, with the winners then going to print and being made available for purchase on the site in an exclusive run of no more than 500 units.

    We are currently seeking design submissions to be used for the launch of the site. The selected designs will each receive AU$300 cash. You will retain copyright of your work.

    If you have any existing designs you would like to put forward, please go to Wooshka - pre-launch comp for submission details. If the design is selected for the initial launch run, we will contact you to arrange payment and to get the original vector art, cmyk colour separated.

    The design template is also available at Wooshka - pre-launch comp

  2. flair

    flair New Member

    tread very carfully with these places, like to disapear when they have enough designs!
  3. CG Man

    CG Man New Member

    If they are people you can trust and they believe they will make money with your designs they will pay designers upfront before they get the shirt designs.

    Never hand over designs before payment you will most likley have your designs used and never get a bean for them.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2007
  4. redredred

    redredred New Member

    User votes on the site will dictate which designs go to print...then the winning designer will be paid and only then would we request the actual vector art be sent through.
  5. redredred

    redredred New Member

    Well give it a crack and then you'll know first hand what we are like to deal with.
  6. Rephrase

    Rephrase New Member

    The designs can only be for T-shirts?
  7. redredred

    redredred New Member

    yeah at this stage just t-shirts but we hope to expand a bit down the track

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