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Web Design Courses

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by threelancer, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. threelancer

    threelancer Member

    Hi - for my nephew does enyone have experience of the best Web Design courses. This is for someone who starts at a basic level so wants a qualification to help with employment. Online learning in their own time ideally. Is CIW still the way to go? Thanks.
  2. Brett Golding

    Brett Golding New Member

    What language are they interested in learning?
  3. Alice Arifova

    Alice Arifova New Member

    Very helpful information
  4. Viddel

    Viddel New Member

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  5. Carly Swinson

    Carly Swinson New Member

    Nice suggestion Viddel, It is free and they may offer scholarship in the future with this course as well. I have studied from an institution ofcourse but at the very beginning when my interest shift towards the web design field for the first time, i start searching good tutorials on YouTube. These tutorials had helped me understand better about what i am getting in to. It is easy to remember a process when someone shows you how it is done rater then you study it on text. Also you learn from your mistakes a s well. i remember that i have to hire a professional website RevGlue when i make a major mistake with my website design and had no clue how to fix this mistake. I still get help from them for my affiliate CMS design from revglue(.)com/bespoke also there is a website Alison's web development which is not only offering free course online for web design but also offering diploma as well. There are others which you can check online like Learnlayout, Codeschool and the newboston website.
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  6. catriona

    catriona New Member

    I find CodeSchool really useful for beginners. I got my start there without the need for formal education.
  7. Tgladfr

    Tgladfr New Member

    thank you for links
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  8. sajjadur rahman

    sajjadur rahman New Member

    helpful information thanks.....

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