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Web design - how much should i charge? Need to invoice asap

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by cm1907, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. cm1907

    cm1907 New Member

    Hi i have recently designed a 16 page website.

    I am a graphic designer so i have done all of the design work and supplied to the web designer.

    I have spent about 3 full weeks work on this website and am now ready to invoice but i have no idea what to charge.

    I usually charge him about £20-£30 an hour.

    i was thinking of charging between £800 and £1000 but i dint want to seem too cheap and again not too expensive as i do a bit of work for this guy.

    He is really pleased with it all and is just waiting for the bill, please can someone help me asap!!!

  2. rmc

    rmc New Member

    Charging is always an issue!

    I had this problem a few months ago! What I realised however is as long as you do not go overboard with the price, then it's fine and many clients will be fine too. A 16-page website sounds big and no less than £800 would be reasonable.

    For it's how much work you have done, charge based on that!
  3. cm1907

    cm1907 New Member

    Hi thanks for getting back. I have just done the design and the layers and have past it onto a web design so everything is ready and in order for him to cut up.

    I counted the pages and there 18 in total.

    I have spent about 3 full working weeks on this website with many amends etc.

    i was thinking of charging £900 do you think thats too steep for just the design?
  4. james.snv

    james.snv New Member

    I also have had this problem and seems to be you are really confused.Yes I think it depends on the how much work you have done in it,so charge based on that.
  5. pixeldevils

    pixeldevils New Member

    Hi there.

    I would say that a amount sounds more than reasonable.

    I guess the real point here is that you should work out your costings in advance (I use an excel spreadsheet for different kinds of work) and let them know upfront how much the work will cost.

    Add in an hourly rate for amendments that the client wants to make.

    I've had the situation myself where I've cracked on and ploughed in loads of hours, only for the client to either change the brief or question the invoice.

    Communication and transparency from the start is the best way to avoid situations like this!

    Good luck anyway! :)
  6. FreelanceZA

    FreelanceZA New Member

    Deciding how much to charge is not easy. I look at a project and decide how much profit I would like to make from it (within reason, of course). Then I'll look at other expenses, like phone calls, software, Internet access, hours spent, etc.

    I think 900 pounds will suffice. You can always negotiate with your client, especially if he is a regular.
  7. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    To give you a slight idea of how much some people are willing to pay for their websites let me give you this quote:

    Static 5 page website with a flash banner (content taken from txt file) around 10 full size photos from istockphoto, NO CMS.

    Quote from a web studio £2000

    When I heard how much my friend paid for it I couldn't stop laughing.

    Charge as much as you think you should. Web design studio for 16 pages website (if its done nicely) can easily quote between 3 to 5 grands depending on technology used.

    If you charge him £20 per hour then charge him £20 per hour.
  8. goodboy1

    goodboy1 New Member

    as much as you can get. the best approach is to do a little market research. Get a quote from various freelancers / web design companies under the cover of an interested buyer. This is a very normal thing to do in the business world
  9. yellowww

    yellowww New Member

    If you have spent 3 full weeks doing this then charge your client at least 1200. That's gonna be reasonable ;)
  10. Ryan G

    Ryan G New Member


    It's really difficult to decide the charge to be taken for a particular website or a project. It would be great if one can work out the cost / hour depending on overheads and other factors.

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