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Web design points

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by madhusmita, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. madhusmita

    madhusmita Banned

    Can any one tell me what points I need to give priority before starting a new website?
  2. webguru11

    webguru11 New Member

    The secret to designing a website is to achieve a balance between visuals, content, usability and navigability. Not only do you need to attract the attention of the viewer, you also need to hold it. You must decide what the target audience is and what their expectations are. Again, you need to provide the content the user expects from your site. Moreover, the viewer must find it easy to navigate and use your site. Else your bounce rate will increase. Keep these in mind before you think of elaborating you plans into cyberspace.

    Good luck!
  3. John Hendry

    John Hendry New Member

    What webguru11 says is bang on the money, but I would also go one step further and ask yourself what your main aim of the website actually is and you can worry about why the audience reached you at a later date.

    If it is to sell something for instance, then you need to lead the viewer into buying your product. It is easy to design a good looking site and get lots of traffic who click through; it is harder to get them to stop and buy.
  4. kathygreen

    kathygreen New Member

    I would agree with you guys, and definitely as hendry mentioned the requirements and the purpose of the site (why is it being built and for what type of a business) is also very important and must be kept in mind while designing it. Other than that, i would say the layout and content is very important and the points mentioned by webguru11. Just make sure the site reflects the personality of their owners.
  5. annaharris

    annaharris New Member

    1. Creativity is an important element of web designing as web site’s first impression matters a lot.

    2. Special emphasis need to be laid upon your home page. Make it as creative as you can with the help of animations, graphics etc.

    3. Easy language also has good words and you should make ample use of those to impress the visitor.

    4. Special emphasis has to be given while giving a name/title to your domain.

    5. Web designing should always be supported by a good content

    6. The color combination used in the website plays a very important role as it alone speaks a lot.

    7. Photographs play a very important role when it comes to web designing. It helps in holding the visitor to your site in the very first instance.
  6. Danish01

    Danish01 New Member

    I agree with webguru and one more thing i would like to tell you creativity it's very important....
  7. Web Designer

    Web Designer New Member

    I would say your concept of design and relevancy it with your customers' business and exactly representing your customer on world wide web as he wants to see.
  8. vishal23

    vishal23 Banned

    Color combination,page segmentation and content of website to catch the attention of visitors.
  9. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    1. Fast Loading
    2. Spam Free Content
    3. Helpful Content
    4. Eye Catchy Design
  10. kevinmark

    kevinmark New Member

    When starting a new website with a client, be sure to find our 100% exactly what it is you need to do.Clients are number 1 priority after all they pay your bills. ... With all freelancers, and content of website to catch the attention of visitors. it may get to a point where you have a lot of work
  11. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    I think that the usability and Browser compatibility.
  12. johnmacd

    johnmacd New Member

    1) Corporate Identity: Corporate Information (for site development):
    Company Name (Legal)
    Company Name (Branding)
    Company Tag Line:
    Company Phone Number
    Company Fax Number
    Other contact information
    Business hours of operation (store hours / when phones will be answered, if relevant)

    2) Domain Names and Hosting:
    Main Domain Name:
    What other domain names do you own?
    Do you have web hosting? If so, what type (IIS, Apache?)

    3) Briefly describe what your company does:

    4) Adjectives: Please list 5 (or more) adjectives that you think describe your company or should describe your company in order of relevance / importance

    This information is used to get a sense for design, and to help in SEO

    5) Competitors:
    6) Favorite Sites
    7) Least favorite sites
    8) Products / Services
    9) Selling points
    10) User goals
    11) Site Purpose
    12)Site Goals
    13) Site Analytics
    14)Site Features
    15) Product Manager: Company Contact(s) Information for web decisions:
    Primary Contact Name:
    Contact Email Address:
    Contact Phone:

    Secondary Contact Name:
    Contact Email Address:
    Contact Phone:

    Other contact information
  13. elsalvador

    elsalvador New Member

    I have to agree with 90% of these replies.
    To sum it all up, PREPARATION IS KEY.
  14. tomhardy

    tomhardy New Member

    If you are going to design a new website then keep some very important factors in your mind like :
    1. The purpose of that website
    2. Targeted visitors
    3. Web page contain all the true information of that website
    4. User friendly
    5. All the applications are good
    6. It should be very simple and attractive.

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