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Website Compatibility/Accessability

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Neil-C, May 27, 2009.

  1. Neil-C

    Neil-C New Member

    Hi friends, i have recently updated a website for a local estate agents.

    But i have been told that visitors to the site are having a few problems, so i am hoping some of you guys could help me.

    link: Heppenstalls

    The main complaint i am recieving is that the property search doesnt work.

    I only have a windows laptop with IE7. And im well aware that this isnt enough to test the site. So i would appreciate it if somebody could give me some steps to improve the accessability of the sites i create, and also so i dont make the same mistakes again.

    I would also appreciate some feedback on the site, and any ways in which i could improve it. And also if any of you have the same problems as what i have been hearing about.

    Thank you, Neil
  2. Image Resolutions

    Image Resolutions New Member

    first things first (and note I don't really do a lot of web work), download firefox, opera and safari for windows and then atleast check your site in those.

    It looks dreadful in firefox and opera, the menu is all over the place or not even showing properly
  3. Neil-C

    Neil-C New Member

    ok thanks, any more help from anyone else please?
  4. Jan lewis

    Jan lewis New Member

    View from a Mac

    It doesn't look too bad in Safari 3.2.1 on a mac mini. It loads quickly enough but there are a few minor box issues (thin black borders look like they shouldn't be there - tiny screen grab attached, hopefully).
    The search worked fine. The only suggestions I'd make is adding a £ to your values - it is the world wide web and people can land in the middle of your site (via a search link) from anywhere. On a similar note, i'd also suggest adding the area to your locations. The results of my search listed properties in Handsworth but I hadn't read the home page properly (as most people won't. Research shows we generally don't read websites but scan them) and had no idea where in the world Handsworth is. Handworth, Sheffield would have answered it. Apparently we (web users generally) are a lazy bunch.
    Hope that helps.

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  5. Neil-C

    Neil-C New Member

    hi jan, thank you for the advice.

    i just find it so irratating that web designers have to fanny about trying to make sites render perfectly in different browsers. Whats the deal? i dont really understand why its like this.

    I suppose at the end of the day, it is what it is. Just annoying. :confused2
  6. squashedapples

    squashedapples New Member



    I have just checked your site on the wc3 web standard compliants website and there was 26 Errors, 8 warning(s) in the code, This dose not help it being accessable, There was one small error in your css also the top navigation didnt really load properly or look right, there was lines around the top header to and I think a footer would look good also a favicon short cut icon would be awsome. I really liked the top header looked good but with a few small tweeks I think they could have a really good site.

  7. henrypeterson

    henrypeterson New Member

    Seems your website has some serious issues. Why don't you get it redesigned by an expert who can lend you genuine help. It's important that your website confirm to the strictest standards of the internet and follow the latest w3c and XHTML1.0 standards to make your websites easily accessible by search engine robots.

    [advertising sig links removed by FreelanceUK]
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 22, 2009
  8. Neil-C

    Neil-C New Member

    because my friend, i want to learn how to do it myself and i am in the process of re-designin the site to make it to the latest W3C standards.

  9. james.snv

    james.snv New Member

    well this is looking is really good,flash is good,navigation is also great.

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